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My article based on my Markiplier mod releasing screenshots!

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well guys, it seems like my PC is going to take a little longer than I thought, due to my family's budget being in jeopardy. So I knew i wasn't going to be modding markiplier for a long while, so while you guys wait, I've decided to give you guys screenshots of the very first map of the pre-alpha release version, months before my PC broke down!

I will be trying to mod on my family's PC in the meantime, and I will post more screenshots soon!

Ta-Ta for now! :D

Mariotravel209 Author
Mariotravel209 - - 17 comments

Sorry guys, I was in a rush. But anyways, I will be working on another mod I had been planning 2 years ago and now I'm going to bring it to reality! Let's just hope this low end PC can handle the job :\

as for the markiplier mod, I will be releasing more screenshots soon! Remember that these two screenshots are a bit outdated so yeah, they look better now than before!

thanks for the support guys, cya later!


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SPY-maps - - 2,909 comments

Good to hear from you again MarioTravel!
Shame though that you still don't have a new computer to work on, hopefully you will be able to buy a new one soon, or a second hand one.

It does surprice me a bit to read that you do start on a new mod, on your low end home computer or family computer. Personaly, when i work on a mod i never start with another project on the side. Because my experience is that i then never finish the first one, and working on 2 mods at the same time is also not a good thing because always one wins and the other mod is left behind. I can understand that you want to start with something new, its very hard from time to time to keep enthousiastic about a mod that you are working on, but know its a big risk. Would be a waste of all the time and effort you already did put in the mod.


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Mariotravel209 Author
Mariotravel209 - - 17 comments

Hey Leon, it's great to see your still around as well. :)

yeah, man me and my family are in some financial problems at the moment, and I really want to get back on the road on modding. Yes indeed it's true that it's a bad idea to start on another mod, and I agree. But since I still don't have a new PC, there's not much I can do anymore with my markiplier mod, besides starting all over (which I do not want to do).

But this mod I've began to work was planned years ago, but never came to me on beginning it. Now that it's in development, I do think people will love this mod even more, because it has it's own unique characters and storyline, and I had even made music for it! This mod won't be based on someone else and for sure it has a lot of intense action :D

But yeah, don't worry. When I get a new PC, I won't forget about this mod. People will see a Pre-Alpha release for markiplier :)


p.s. Yes, even I'm surprised I'm working on my family computer hehe

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