Hello! I'm Mariotravel209 and I love to create mods, make youtube videos and More! :D

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So it's been indeed 2 years since I was last active here on ModDB. I was greatly anticipated by releasing what I thought at the time to be my greatest works yet to be released! Unfortunately, my PC broke down around March 2015 thus ending my development for the "Markiplier" mod. I was around 13-14 years old when I started development for the mod and I wanted to put all my time and effort on it. It's surprising how I wanted to build maps, let alone mods at such a young age. Using the Orangebox engine at the time, I was very lucky (and so was many other people) to have all the tools and support from the Valve Community needed to program awesome stuff into the mods. Obviously, we're at a time now where most of that has been swept away thanks to *cough Steampipe *cough.

But back to the point, I'm about to be 18 in two weeks and looking back at my Markiplier mod page, I was pretty stunned! (Both good and a bad way) As of now, I'm no longer into Markiplier neither his content. What hit me the most however was both the amount time and work I've put into this mod at such a young age! Sure, it's not top-quality, but it's pretty good (imo) for what a 14 year old can do! Yes, the concept was silly and many people didn't took this seriously, which I perfectly understand. In fact, I've gotten into plenty of arguments with folks in the comments section. Again, I was 14. xP (I won't delete them, so you can see for yourself how I was back then.) But from my eyes, it was going to be pretty epic!

And then my PC said no. :)

So where have I been all this time? Right now, I make SFM's and Music for YouTube and I still am after these 2 years. I still make maps, but mostly for my work in SFM. However, I do have maps currently in the works for CS:GO and Garry's Mod and will be released pretty soon! As you can see, times have changed! I wish I can say I was back, but I'm mainly here just to let you guys know where I've been! For the gameplay and content, "Markiplier" was pretty good at the time and I would be lying to you if I said I didn't had fun making it. But I was too young and ambitious to consider many important aspects of the mod itself, let alone it's concept. Like probably the most basic thing to consider was having backups. The only thing I've recovered from the mod was it's first map. I'll probably be using the map sometime in future projects!

I don't plan on returning to the modding scene as I have zero knowledge on programming for the Source Engine. I don't even know where I should start to learn with coding the Source Engine. The programming for "Markiplier" was mostly copying and pasting from the Valve Developer Community wiki. What made "Markiplier unique was for its story and the maps. Now that I have a powerful PC and a laptop, I sometimes map for fun while I'm on the go. I might have small HL2 mods in the work, but as of now I won't be able to make any promises. I've learned my lesson with the Markiplier mod. I don't plan on releasing any mods, but when I do have something I'll let you guys know! I would love to give a very special thanks to those who showed their love and support for the Markiplier mod. I apologize that I wasn't able to complete the mod. Hopefully, I'll have something in store for y'all in the future.

Until then, I'll see ya when I see ya! ^^


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