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„Everything we do has a result. But that which is right and prudent does not always lead to good, nor the contrary to what is bad.”

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This quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is a great starting point for better understanding the many diverse morality systems in Sand is the Soul. It’s not only a matter of choosing one of a few colored endings or killing one NPC or the other. Each of your actions literally has its consequences and whether the outcome of your choices is good or bad, you decide on your own.

Sand is the Soul offers players complete freedom to venture wherever and do whatever they want.. There are no tutorials or hand holding. There’s only the player, the game and the full immersion provided by the choices which will reflect his own personality. The morality of the decision is yours to judge. Nothing is universally good or evil.

Do bear in mind that what we have called a „karma” system has a significant impact on the gaming experience. Your good or bad deeds result in some NPCs becoming either friendly or hostile. One character will start hunting you while others will aid you on your journey. The safe havens will become battlegrounds and vice versa.

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The moral intricacies of Sand is the Soul don’t stop there! In some cases your doings can be seen as a crime which can impact your overall crime rate and make the game more difficult. There’s also a system called foreknowledge which depicts the player’s attitude towards the Nature. Not to mention all the romantic possibilities.

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Sand is the Soul is not your average beat ’em up. It’s a mix of soulslike mechanics with gameplay influenced by Golden Axe and the classic complexity of moral choices inspired directly by the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. That’s why even the smallest action made at the beginning of the journey can have significant implications at the end of the road, driving you into one of the multiple story outcomes.

It’s up to you to become a loyal diplomatic messenger or a wanted mass murderer with a thirst for power.

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When trying to chat with the hunter, he will only acknowledge the hero with a bow, but after raising karma, he will opens up and grant tips and/or info on the lore.

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Due to our high Karma, the Mad Watcher will deliberately mislead us into a trap. It would be the opposite if our karma was low.

If you like our game, please add Sand is the Soul to your wishlist, to be up to date with all the future announcements.

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