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In this first Development Blog I want to introduce myself, the game as well as workflows and general goals of the project. We are currently preparing to give you an inside and show off some in engine screenshots and want to keep you updated until such times when they are ready.

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Hi there! Welcome to Sails of War.
I was planning to share the first in-engine screenshots right about now, but things aren’t quite ready yet. Instead I thought it might be nice to introduce myself, the project and tell you more about goals and workflow.

First off about myself: My name is Lukas and Sails of War is somewhat of a passion project of mine. Working on the game allows me to explore coding, game design and most importantly gives me a reason to work with Unreal Engine 4.
When I am not dreaming of Sloops, Schooners and Caribbean waters I work as a 3D artist.
You might have noticed that Sails of War has no financial backing - other then myself.
But I think that’s a good thing. Yes, it means there isn’t a team of people working on the game seven days a week, but it also means I have full control over the project.

When it comes to making videogames it’s all about upsides and downsides - and all about compromising between both. I, for example, am far away from doing everything myself. Often there is one particular skillset you are good at, and you need to accept that you can’t do everything yourself.

Whilst I am all about 3D and visuals I am somewhat of a newcomer to coding. Now, I would not have announced the game if I wasn’t confident I could do it by myself, but having a dedicated coder is always helpful. If anything it helps to free up time for the artist to, you know, do his art thing.

So that is where the project is at right now. Prototype: Done! And just about ready to show some cool in engine screenshots of in game art.
Now my timetable isn’t always the best for working on a side/passion project. I might have a week off and will be able to put 100 hours into it. I might not work on it for a week or two. I thus, humbly, ask you, dear reader and follower, to bear with me.

Much like sailing a ship of old: At times we will have the wind in our sails and the going will be good. At times we may have to wait for such winds to come back. We will face stormy seas and treacherous waters. But - most importantly - when we finally reach port, and the end of the journey, we will look back and know that it was worth it.

I hope to see you then and I can’t wait to show stuff off and get everyone's feedback

- Lukas

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Sounds great! Take your time, make it a hobby and we'll enjoy with you :)

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