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An overview of the second map of episode 1, which is nearing completion.

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The facility, in a nutshell

Nested deep within the rocks of the planet, this facility is divided into 4 smaller parts connected trough massive bridges. The further you venture into the base, the closer you will get to the surface.


You will be fighting in both open areas and tight spaces. There are many different opportunities to get the drop on your enemies, with a few surprises thrown in to force you to think fast. The fog that is also present in some parts can be an extra challenge, making it harder to locate your target. Even if you are successful at dodging incoming projectiles, there's no guarantee you won't fall of a ledge so you need to have a constant awareness of your environment.

What's left to do?

The layout is as good as finished. I need to add some extra details here and there and add proper lighting. After that, it's time for entity placement, scripting and testing.

The next map

Next on the list is map 4, the final map of episode 1. At the end of this map you will face Annie for the first time so I'll make sure that it will be a memorable experience. Here is one last screenshot of the layout of map 2 as it is now.

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