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Want more Rise of the Shadows? It's your lucky day because v.2 is coming out Summer 2012!

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Hello everyone,

First to start off with before making this special announcement, I would like to thank everyone's support for the Rise of the Shadows Mod (RotS) v.1. I hope you enjoyed downloading and playing it as much as I have in taking part to develop the mod off of ACM 2.4. With that said, I would like to make some major announcements. I am currently working with some other modders to hopefully release sometime next summer the RotS EAX (Expanded Alternate Edition/ v.2). This mod will be very much the same in terms of style and game play as the RotS mod v.1, except it will have new planets, new units, new heroes, and some type of new story oriented missions for the mod to reflect the RotS theme, which is very similar to Shadows of the Empire (SotE). This mod will obviously take a lot of work, but the modders whom I am working with are great and we are making progress in developing RotS EAX mod. With that also said, I would like announce the fellow modders who are official members of the RotS EAX mod team.

Please welcome the following members of the official mod team of RotS EAX:
-_w_: He will be the mod team's official consultant and advisor for feedback on the mod's development.
-Darth_Rex (myself): I will be in charge of the same stuff as I did before for v.1 of the mod. I'll be doing the XML coding, text editing, some audio mp3 file coding, and whatever I can do that needs to be done for the mod here or there.
-Megavin 123: He will be the mod team's official mapmaker for making custom maps for the mod.
-Osodeadly: He will also be the mod team's official mapmaker for making custom maps for the mod.

Please also welcome an independent contractor for the RotS EAX who is also working on his own mod called "Pirates vs. Mandalorians":
-Mogenar: He will be the graphics and visual effects specialist. He is the go to guy in that departmental area of the mod.

Btw, if anyone is interested and has some experience in Star Wars Empire at War modding: our team is currently looking for prospective modders who know how to do modeling in terms: skinning, rigging, texturing, and all the other pertininent stuff to make unit models for the mod.

Now for letting everyone know officially, what will be new and added in the RotS EAX mod, here is the list of new stuff below that will be added so far:

New planets that will be added in the mod:-Falleen
-Polis Massa
-Ord Mantell

New Units that will be added in the mod:-501st company/Vader's Fist (Empire- Coruscant, Fondor, Anaxes, Kuat)
-Sabaoth Destroyer (Consortium- Cantina Buildable Planet)
-Sabaoth Fighter (Consortium- Cantina Buildable Planet)
-A bounty hunter team consisting of Dengar, Zuckuss, and 4LOM (Cantina buildable for all 3 factions)
-Praetor SD (Empire)
-Demolisher/Gladiator Cruiser V2 (Empire)
Units that might be added in the mod:
-Naboo infantry (Rebel-Naboo)
-Delta Squad (Rebel)
-Implacable SD (Hunchedback SSD) -Procurator SD (Empire) -Guri (Consortium-Coruscant, Falleen, Taris)-Lando Calrissian (Rebel-Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine)

Please keep in mind that the units and planets are a working idea in development, and overtime we plan to add more units and possibly planets than the ones presently listed.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys in the coming months into checking out the Rise of the Shadows mod page for updates and announcements of the RotS EAX mod. Our team will definitely be interested in sharing with everyone some of the stuff we're doing so far including showing pictures, videos, and other stuff of what's going on with the mod. Again, thanks for your fan support for the RotS v.1 mod, and our team hopes that you will enjoy checking out what we're doing with the RotS EAX mod while all of you also enjoy playing the RotS v.1 mod for the time being.

Take care and best regards,


megavin123 - - 1,024 comments

Hey, I can also add some new music if you want to

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OsoDEADLY - - 668 comments

I dont see Falleen :O

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Darth_Rex Author
Darth_Rex - - 203 comments

@osodeadly: Falleen is on the list, it's just the format came a little off and Falleen is listed as "New planets that will be added in the mod:-Falleen" on the same line. I don't know why it did that but it's just a minor format issue.

@megavin123: Send me a link or an attachment of the music so I can screen it. I might add it to the gameplay background music if I think it goes right with it, but I'm still going to keep the same songs that I have from the Rise of the Shadows v.1 game intro. and menu screen.

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