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After so much time of development, the Ridder Clan decided to give fans some of their work!

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Hello fans and followers

Today is a day of great joy for modders and players alike. After so much time I, Valaquenta, decided that all the content that will never make it into the Ridder Clan Mod or was removed but is still usable (some of even high quality) should still be used, not by us, but by you the fans!

After almost 7 years of development I gathered all content I saw fit and I want to share it with you. Mostly are elven units but you can find a hobbit and 2 nazguls.


I have chosen 4 high quality models you help you into your journey. I think one of them you will really digg and was one of the most requested model.



There are total of 29 models, so here are the rest:


Also RiderofRohan decided to give his share in this giveaway with a full set of Gondor units and Men of Dale!

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He said "I hope to see what the fans have in store for us with their mods". So make us proud!
Also don't forget to check The Horse Lords, Ror's mod which I am also involved as a leader in the AUM campaign division.

I will be honest with you and tell you that most of these models are very old and I don't have time to fix them. Errors may vary from missing weapons or flaming arrows/forged blades to rigging issues. However all of them have a standard rig (the SKL in the folder will tell you to what is the model rigged) and you have my approval to change the models in any way you want, may it be texture manipulating, switching weapons,rigs and so on. Some of them have a heavy armor texture, none of them have banner carriers so if you want those you need do them yourself.

I do not support these models so don't pm me with errors you might encounter.

Credit is not required, but we will know and our fans will hunt you down! But seriously, we would appreciate if you would tell in a note/comment that the model you use is from one of the best mods around!

Enjoy and may these models serve you well! Don't forget to share some screens with these models!

Puvy - - 3,670 comments

Yhank you so much guys!You are the best

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,114 comments

Great decision!

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,208 comments

Was the announcement in third person?

That's weird.

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NeroBurningRum - - 26 comments

I find it very impressive, how cool you guys behave! I often found it very depressing, when modding teams behave too selfish and don't share at least some of their material. You'll never know, if another one hasn't some good ideas of using your material too. And maybe so some bfme-mods surivive or rank up thanks to you sharing this stuff! And I'm not even a modder, I'm just a big bfme/lotr-fan. Thank you, guys!

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Kwen - - 187 comments

The reason many of us modders are "selfish" when it comes to our art, it's because when many people use it then it takes away from the hard work we put into our own mods, and let's people take credit for our work. Sure plenty of people will give credit when using other people's art, but also many times people won't, and that is a kick in the balls to the people who spent countless hours working on their craft. In most cases it takes years to become skilled at making these art pieces, and when other people can just use them without doing any work at all, how is that fair?

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MathijsRevora - - 4,014 comments

Apply this thinking to other fields:
'It's selfish when writers don't let other people use their stories, if they did others could get published too!'
'It's selfish when painters don't donate their work to other artists, if they did, maybe those guys could sell some art also!'
etc. etc.

Besides, most modders I know *do* share some of their work (including teams commonly thought of as highly protective, like Edain and SaF). They just don't share their best work/the work that makes their project unique.

You'll notice that Valaquenta (and RoR) haven't done so either; there are good models in this giveaway, but even the nicest ones are either not used in RC/THL or are older versions of what is currently in use. Not saying this isn't a great gesture (because it certainly is!), but part of what motivated it is the fact that Valaquenta had this massive backlog of art that nobody was using. :P

My point is that calling artists selfish for being protective of their work is a little excessive.

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NewErr Author
NewErr - - 825 comments

Well, to his defense, he did say "some" of the material which I somewhat agree with.

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,674 comments

That is an incredible number of new and different units I have not seen before, just have to say that I like this very much.

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The_Spin - - 433 comments

Thanks both of you Val & RoR for your magnificent work !!!

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