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Everybody always asks where the hot springs are, but nobody ever asks how popular they were. Join us as we explore the history of hot springs in Portugal through a tabletop game centered around the economy of the XX’s century.

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Hi again people!

Those who’ve seen our previous posts, probably have a lot of questions about the game. What are all those symbols in the Portugal map? What are those cards? What are those people for?

Well fret not, the cavalry's here to answer them!

Today we'll make a quick dive into the system of Viagem Termal. Everything, from resources to the turn order, will be swiftly explained as to not bore our supreme tourists.

First prototype of the map

First prototype of the map

- The triangles represent where the hot springs are located along the country.

- The circles are train stations where the tourists get in the train to later arrive at the hot spring they are looking for.

- The line that runs through the entire country (joining the train stations with the hot springs) are the trains’ railways.

Here is a better image showcasing the railways:

There are two railways: The brown one, which goes along the whole map and is always working, and the blue one, which only partly covers the north and works every 3 rounds.

The blue railway’s hot springs can bring you advantages in the form of extra rounds during which you have less competition (all hot springs in the blue railway are also present in the brown railway), they are however poorly positioned in the map as the last hot springs before every train station, so take that into account when going for them.

As for the cards:

A good way to progress in the game is by gathering tourists (as they are one of the main resources). You attract tourists by spending gold to advertise the treatments that they are looking for. If when they reach your hot springs, the offer and demand match, you can “collect” them.

Tourist card

Every card has a different number of tourists, with 3 being the maximum per card. All cards have symbols that represent each individual’s desired treatment (one for each present tourist).

As we mentioned in the last post there are also cards for the hot springs, they display a cool illustration of what the hot spring actually looks like in real life, as well as its name and some information about it.

Every player starts with a hot spring that can provide up to 3 treatments. Additionally, during the game, players can also purchase hot springs, although those can only have up to 2 treatments. The image above corresponds to a buyable hot spring and the treatment slots for it are represented by those two empty circles (in-game they would be filled with symbols corresponding to the owner’s desired providing treatments).

We know that we still haven’t disclosed all of the rules, and maybe this post will raise more questions than answers, but rest assured that we’ll be releasing more information very soon.

So please, join us in our journey as we little by little unveil more of our game and feel free to ask questions. We'll be more than happy to answer them (and who knows, maybe even give you some hints before the grand reveal).

saakinangmanok - - 1 comments

Looks interesting! but where do I donwload it, kinda new to the indie scene

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ViagemTermal Author
ViagemTermal - - 1 comments

Sorry for the late response, but we were having troubles with the comments and weren't able to see them previously.

Unfortunately the game is not yet available for download as it is only in the development stage.

Please stay with us for a little longer, as we keep updating the game, and get closer to the point where we can share it with everyone

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