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Our latest update for the group because of 50 members :).Our current ranks Proud Leaders: CT-7567, Coric, CC-1119, Su-mil, Oron, Jaeger, Daine Jir,Retired Clone Trooper(Battlefront II), Bisszy4ever ,Next Leaders... Our Group Heads: Darth Vader :bisszy4ever , Captain: 501st_Captain_Bis , Leader of Torrent Company: Null12 , Arc-Trooper : Arc_Troopa_Nate Rebel Arc-Trooper Larry-3, Reprogrammed B2: Super_battle_droid, Lieutenant: Bacara. Delta Squad Boss: =СРБ=Ori`verda, Sev: Gumwars , Scorch:

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Thanks everyone in the group :)!!! Our 50 member CreatorOfThings :).

When i first started the group i hoped Ito get like 10 members to help and promote mods games etc :) then after that my goal was 25 then 50 and we reached it :)!!!!

Now Down to business

If you want you can change from Clone Trooper to Storm Trooper your choice.
Some of you may have notice that i have done lots of editing to the group i hope you guys like the new Version :).

We are making a special unit (Shadow Guards) Led by ShadowGuard1000 but only 2 spots for it as it is a very small elite force.

Still Available Special Unit Clones in the 501st Cut-up,Kix,Hardcase and Jesse
Your Job promote Group and upload media.

Sev/Gumwars RaW videos

DarthJokerFett videos Reviews,Time to Kill (Game plays),Pickups,Collection models:

Don't forget to check out these mods that our members do:
Battlefronts Of War: Dark Forces
Star Wars The Old Republic's War

Alliance at War

A Galaxy Divided

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Star Wars Battlefront II: Tides of War

Battlefront 2013

These mods are for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption and Battlefront II

I have also took off the names at the front of the leaders because i asked someone and i don't think it looks good so if you want me to put back the leaders names at the front in the description comment below.

Also Remember to check out Packy21's Dark Troopers book

Any suggestions for the group is most welcome :).

Spread the word of the group and enjoy your stay :).

Remember The 501st Never Runs!!!!!


Congrats on the 50 member mark everyone! Here's to another 50 and beyond!

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Bisszy4ever Author

Thanks DarthJokerFett :).

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