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RL 1.7 - 1.5 version + new training level + new final levels.

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Still developed by Korean team Radiation Studios (White Force [2002], Residual Point [2007], Residual Life 1.0 [2012], and Zombie Edition : Residual Agent [2015]).

Regular updates and new screenshots on their Facebook page.

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List of 1.7 levels :

TRAINING LEVEL : RL "Great Escape" - deleted prologue, go up to meet with Barneys, fight Xenians.

IMPOSSIBILITY DREAM : Intro/Tram Sequence (Secret : none)

BLACK MESA INBOUND : Get your suit (Secret : none)

ROUTINE WORK : Resonance Cascade occurs (Secret : Lost Battery : Get all batteries).

STATE OF EMERGENCY : Escape, find weapon(s) and allies (Secret : Demon Slayers : Find and clean up the vent).

LEGAL DEFENSE : HECU are in the place (Secret#1 : Circle of Death : Find alchemy circle, Secret#2 : Chaotic Butcher : Neutralize two fields of crabs).

ONE IS ALL, ALL IN ONE! : Bonus Level, only possible with Chaotic Butcher obtained, or mod played in Difficult setting (Secret : Dark Golden Energy : Get the Gravity gun in Surface Storage)

No secrets after this level.

GROUND ZERO : Lambda Reactor-like Level

BETWEEN WORLDS AND CHAOS : Xen-like level (Bonus Level, get all secrets in the previous levels).

NO WAY OUT : Surface Tension-like level

COUNTDOWN : Surface Tension-like level (#2)

ROUTE 2 "XEN" : save the scientist, get the door opened and run to the bomb :

NUCLEAR PORTAL : Weird mess between real world and Xen world.


ASHES OF LAUTREC : Xen level + Combine-like installation.

If you find the "Talisman", then it's ALTAR OF SACRIFICE : final boss level.

If you don't find the "Talisman", you go back to Route 1 "HEART OF NIGHTMARE".

ROUTE 1 "BLACK MESA" : Jump in the "sewers"/tunnels instead of saving scientist :

ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST : tunnels/maze-like level.

HEART OF NIGHTMARE : Big battles in larges areas with giant crystals and radioactive stuff.

CENTER OF ALL THINGS : the final battle to stop the new alien race and the crystal processing, in Black Mesa.

THE SUN EATER'S PILLAR : Combine-like levels against countless waves of enemies, to finally stop the crystal processing.


IMPOSSIBILITY DREAM (again) : Epilogue.


EPILOGUE : after credits. 4 maps and the "true" (?) ending.

Residual Life (Public version) 1.5

Stay tuned for 1.8 version.

Nipless - - 160 comments

Looking amazing so far guys!

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wmf776759 - - 479 comments

옴마야, 새 버전이군요! 고맙습니다!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Super1Hawk - - 216 comments

I have to adimit, the first time i've played this mod I didn't knew that there was secrets in it. I can't blame that this mod is questionable, some people like it but others don't, I personally found this mod cool and of course it's my opinon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Half_Life14458 - - 3 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MartinBergerDX - - 72 comments

Is there walktrhough somewhere, i'd like to find those secrets :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
_gooby_ - - 11 comments

This mod is simply terrible, I gave up about 4/5ths of the way through.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Togranigdo - - 851 comments

I think this things is terrible too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kingdruiduk.AKA.DJ - - 777 comments

Respect to you my friend good work. You are going to get the complainers because they cant or wont finish the level. Thats life but your work is good.

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