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Resident Evil Valiant Devblog 2018, hireing mre people...

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Hello, and welcome to another Devblog of Resident Evil Valiant

we wished we could have released Resident Evil Valiant some time ago but im running this project mostly Solo and for example in terms of Coding i dont know what the hell im doing, so its running a bit slow.

one of the biggest changes that i managed to code in with help (thx Shepard) is a Fix for Grunts/UBCS so instead of fireing 3 shots, doing a pause and fireing again 3 shots we removed all pause and thinking commands and managed to have him now Rapid fire his 30 shots and then reload

heres some more Level Design Display (ignore the sound)

also a Video Displaying how Mecklenburg is played and were you can find the items (spoilers!)

also i work with the VOX system now as you can hear here, pretty neat

now the main Reason were posting Today, we need more people to get this thing Finished for next year maybe with luck even end of this year


- take the Zombies and others (6 zombies or try to convert to 1, Grunt, Barney, Survivor, Scientist) and decapacitate there Bodygroups like in a sample model attached
- relocate a MP5s Hands because it looks really wierd

1x Coder:
- Produce a Bodygroup Decapacitation System for Models in wich you shoot them and depending on Hitbox (left arm, right arm, head, chest, left leg, right leg) they lose a bodypart
- might have guessed it... even MORE blood
- make the game randomly select a zombie at the placement of a monster_zombie or monstermaker from zimbie1,zombie2,zombie3 etc..
- Fix a bug in monster_grunt_repel

- relocate sound Effects used in doors differently

we need a PROFESSIONAL Goldsource/Source mapper to take a few of our maps and beautificate them and if it doesnt look to good recreat the intro based on re3.

also one for Completely Creating Map9 from scratch, needs to also have Professsional Experience and imagination to completely recreate a Huge Umbrella Laboratory (Screenshots as example will be provided)

((PLEASE NO BEGINNERS i had a guy come up to me saying hes Expert and Professional then questioned when he couldnt find leaks or build huge Skyboxes around maps so please dont even try im not the best mapper but not that dumb or delusional.))

we offer a nice spot in the Credits and the Game Intro/Offtro as payment and our everlasting gratitute (for the coder i could also offer a bit cash but it would be really really low like 20-30 wich is basically a insult).


When release,buddy?

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Heffernan Author

no clue yet, theres some VERY EASY coding that needs to be done, map9 needs to be finished as ending, and a bit polishing then were done for now.

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