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Before starting I reassure you, the version of Reliefs The time of the Lemures 0.4.01 is in preparation, but there is no release date for the moment.

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logo diary of devsHello everybody !

First of all, my apologies for this year of information interruptions on Steam or The development of the game Reliefs: The time of the Lemures continues and people who follow me on Twitter have been able to see the evolution of the game for over a year.
Only not everyone is on Twitter and it's more accurate to give new information about the game development every month here.

Before starting I reassure you, the version of Reliefs The time of the Lemures 0.4.01 is in preparation, but there is no release date for the moment.

Why this stop of updates?
Version 3.03 of Reliefs had many shortcomings and in particular the size of the environment.
The Temple of Pluto for example (update 0.3.03) was the most open and detailed area I could offer in this version of the game. If this area had been bigger, the game performance would have been abysmal.
But the temple of Pluto, in the originally imagined project must be gigantic, like many other environments. I therefore had to remedy this situation, I have reworked all the 3D models of trees, grass, cliffs, constructions with their textures, therefore 90% the game was recreated.

Today this problem is solved and huge areas can be created without loss of performance and quality of the scenery. These new semi-open areas can be very long to walk. I therefore had to add a horse in order to allow the player to cover large distances more quickly. This new mount took a long time to be developed because it was not included in the original project. The tutorial, the environment and the main character had to be deeply modified to add the possibility of riding a horse.

These important modifications did not allow me to keep the levels already created (The tutorial area, the temple of the tower and the temple of Pluto). All these levels, therefore had to be redeveloped with the new 3D objects and game operation.

Also, the player now has the possibility of swimming which opens up new possibilities in terms of puzzles and exploration. String physics have been corrected and a real-time help system has been added that can be disabled at any time.

The game engine has been updated, Reliefs version 0.3.03 used Unity engine 2019.4.18. Today the used version of Unity is 2020.3.29.

The list of modifications is very long for the future version 0.4.01 of Reliefs The time of the Lemures and they will be detailed when this new version is available.

The project advances :
With this Diary of devs I just wanted to reassure you about the continuity of the development of the game Reliefs which will have taken a lot of delay, but which will also have evolved a lot since it was imagined in 2015.
It's not easy to create such a video game alone and I want to thank you for your patience and your support for all these years on this project!

Thank you !

forest 1

horse 1

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