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After further weeks of constant development, testing and heated discussions we've gotten to a point where we feel that a release would be nice. So much cleansing and design changes have been done... the mod feels closer to HW2 vanilla than Complex ever has before! Multiplayer dynamics are evolving as we progress, and while this we're managing to improve balance also. But the 8.7 release is not all I'm going to announce here...

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The change log from 8.6.1 to 8.7 is so big that I'd prefer simply linking to it - here you go:

As you can see, we again put a LOT of work into delivering new features, picking out the units that we found overlapping in the roles we wanted them to perform and standard balancing.
We're completely removing the research score restriction for Hiigarans, and easing up on the rank restrictions of Vaygr to give the game a much faster paced feel. You will no longer be forced to go for specific things and the tech tree makes a lot more sense now. However please note that this is a work in progress and probably will be expanded upon in the next releases.

As for the other bit of news...

I am very happy to announce, that the Complex Enhanced project will culminate, and end with the 8.9 series - only to be continued under a new name!
We're completely re-scripting the code behind the features we're using, and have been around every corner to get permissions for the material in use. The new core, or N.C for short, will be a very efficient and simple script that will make work for us a lot easier, as opposed to the current mess we're having under the hood.

The new mod we'll create will be named: Homeworld 2: Rebirth.

It will feature everything we'll be using in the C.E 8.9 series, with minor modifications at the most.
Our current multiplayer testing effort is aiming to bring a balanced game to you guys, even though we're re-building the entire game from vanilla.

And if you think you've read a lot, here's some more!
We're going to start working on adding the Kadeshi race after the transition to Rebirth has been made. In the very distant future, there will be potentially more races, and there has been talk about a full-blown spin-off campaign for each race as well.

All I can say is that we're eager to put out a product that the players enjoy and appreciate. If you can help us through any means, be it a singular comment, please don't hesitate to contact us on our forums:
I'll be honest: we need all the help we can get, seeing as this is a big project with few people. Joining the team can also be possible if you wish, either through an internal vote, or through our intern-group system.

The release of C.E 8.7 will happen some time before this friday. I can assure you that this weekend would be well spent playing Homeworld.


Nakamura (Project Lead)


Hello there I if read the latest news on enhanced and the future Rebirth..

It is a good future for this mod and i want to offer my services... I think that you have your own ideas about adding the Kadeshi and how they should be ( I don't know how big the Team is ) but i myself have designd morely written down a description of a large Kadeshi Society who life in the nebula and a large group who left the Nebula after an internal war between the Kadeshi and i made some ship designs ( written down ) .. i have still to play the newest version of Enhanced but i am charmed by the new direction enhanced/Rebirth is taking.. I have other qualities and contribute in other ways to the mod but that is more for PM messages ... May Sajuuk be with you

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You are more than welcome to join our Creative Discussions Department, where your voice can best be heard and your ideas best shaped into plans for the mod.

You can Join our Creative Department using your forum account. Go to
and click join. It may take a little while to be accepted, as your request must be checked by a human.

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Great news, definatly looking forward to your progress. Best Homeworld mod ever and so much activity !

One question, about Gearbox HD remakes, I suppose this is a bit early but will you guys see about porting the mod on that rewamped version they are cooking up ?

Keep it up guys

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I really hope you find out how to make planets, planetoids or at least really large asteroid colonies work. That was a feature of Complex I actually really liked.

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