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After seeing our rushed fixes in 8.5.1 fail, we decided to take our time with this one. We managed to solve all the major issues we had until now - the game is going to run really well, largely devoid of bugs now. Thanks to getting to this point, we can finally initiate our multiplayer balance testing. Everyone is welcome to join that effort, by the way. Enjoy all the new features, the bugfixes, and the balance changes we made.

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If you wish to participate in our testing initiative, please apply for balance team membership at
We are also looking for modellers, since many of our tasks require those skills. The releases after this will mainly be focused on balancing and standardization, as well as cleaning the design to get to a more homeworld-like feel.

Download :

Complex Enhanced ver. 8.5.2

The change log for Complex 8.5.2 is the following :
(see entire log history here : )


  • New model for the Hiigaran Modular Cruiser (made by Odie) has been added
  • The Vaygr Battleship now has a proper firing order (z) for the perforation bomb
  • Expanded the options for interface refreshing speeds, also known as "system clock setting"
  • New map : Aurora Borealis (from Complex Simple, somewhat modified)
  • New Nuclear icon added to the taskbar - this one is clearly differentiated from the Callisto image


  • Removed the trade container and the trade mechanic due to inefficiency. Performance increase to be expected.
  • Completely removed the energy system's code (including interface elements)
  • The training game mode has been removed due to excessive bugs. It will be replaced by a superior mode in the future
  • Removed all orders which were only required because of the energy system
  • Removed the game intro function
  • Removed the pop-up windows informing the player of the rank advancement. Sounds and other interface elements still do so
  • Removed the redundant interface elements on the crew station, research station and scavenger (crew, research score status and resources were displayed 3 times in the UI)
  • Removed the temperature (from heat) damage system and its interface display
  • Removed all redundant docking status displays in the interface that were no longer in use (shipyard's station icons, juggernaut icons)
  • Removed the docking clamps from the Light Shuttle and Hammer Cruiser


  • The Hiigaran AI now builds weapons on the Modular Destroyer and Cruiser
  • Launch speed of all Nuclear Missiles increased to 364 (this will hopefully avoid the nukes crashing against the launching ship)
  • The Hiigaran Battle Ark no longer causes a crash to desktop when a super capital ship is docking to it
  • The Modular Destroyer's subsystems are now properly displayed
  • The Modular Destroyer's Torpedo research works again
  • Power up descriptions corrected (numerically)
  • Alarms now address the Vaygr Flagship as "Flagship" instead of "Mothership"
  • Heavy Nuclear Bombs now cause damage upon detonation again
  • Modular Destroyers now have targetable engines again


  • We no longer provide an installer, seeing as it causes complications with many
  • Major revamp of the loading screen. This prevents wrong placement-codes for the loadingscreen.
  • Code improvements were done - performance increase is to be expected
  • Removed thrash from NewUI-folder
  • Minor grammar corrections


  • Hiigaran Command Fortress defense field range decreased from 7500m to 5000m. Ships had to enter it before in order to fire at the CF. Now the field will actually defend the CF.
  • The Light Shuttle and the Hammer Cruiser can no longer transport Modular Sentinels
  • The Shuttle now requires the Shuttle Chassis Technology to be researched in order to be built. The tech is available on Engineering Division.
  • The Light Shuttle now requires the Light Shuttle Chassis Technology to be researched in order to be built. The tech is available on Science Division.
  • Fleet Carriers now require the Engineering Division module to be built in order to be produced
  • Doubled the load capacity of all Carriers
  • Vaygr Advanced refinery cost decreased from 1500 to 1400 due to inefficiency
  • The new Modular Cruiser supports one less weapon hardpoint (compared to the old one), but has more torpedo launchers
  • Vaygr Shipyard hitpoints increased from 350000 to 475000
  • Build power up effect decreased from +200% to +100% (build rate)
  • Research station power up active times reduced from 144 seconds to 90 seconds
  • RU power up effects decreased from +200% to +150% (collection/drop off rate)
  • Chimera station sensor power up active time reduced from 300 seconds to 90 seconds
  • Increased the effectiveness of the anti-radiation module on the Hiigaran and Vaygr Scavenger to 100% (Harvesters would constantly detatch due to taking damage, and would eventually explode.)
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