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A leaked version of the cancelled release V, this release will never be completed.

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Here is the internal release V that was cancelled. While this had potential, there was still too many issues for me to resolve, and I still felt that the Allies looked far too much like GDI. You will also see that there is an over reliance on RA3 assets when it comes to the Soviets (although this is preferable to Nod's atrocious structures!).

German Tank DestroyerAllied APC

Badger BomberTesla Trooper

Release 5 alpha
C&C Red Alert History: Release 5 alpha

This release will never be finished has I have reached the limit of additions-per-release that I had set.

This alpha was tested for a while, but there are still some outstanding issues, however there are no crash issues (that I experienced).

This has been released for the long suffering Red alert history fans (all 5 of them!), who constantly see images but never get to test anything properly.

Known issues

  • The Iron Decay support power is missing (I was going to improve it, but never got around to it).
  • The AI will almost never use the Tesla Troopers 'charge coil' ability.
  • The Soviet Crane has major issues (I believe the issues are being caused by the ability to recycle vehicles). Any vehicles attacking it will have targeting issues when it comes to engaging this structure, and also the AI will often fail to destroy this structure or will completely ignore it (indicating that they are also having targeting issues).
  • The Heavy assault gun has misaligned wheel textures, that are very noticeable when the vehicle is moving.
  • The Harbinger, YAK and P51-J, all have a bug whereby if they have destroyed a target and there is no other target in their range, they will stop in mid air, perfectly stationary! I have not yet been able to resolve this.
  • The Badger bombers AA turrets apparently do not work.
  • The Soviet Flak cannon only pitches up when attacking aircraft, not by default.
  • The Soviet airfield will typically open all of its covers when it gets hit by an enemy weapon!
  • The Kirov mkII weapon handling is very poor (it will often choose the wrong weapon).

Hints and Tips


  • The APC and Phase transport have a drop modifier. This means that any infantry that exits from them receive a modifier that slows them down for a few seconds. This was done to reduce the frankly boring Engineer+APC opening moves that the Tiberian C&C series are famous for. Also it means that you have a few seconds to react (even if means selling a structure) to the nightmare Phase+Engineer or Phase+Tanya combinations.
  • The British Sniper is the Allied garrison clearer (one unit at a time, if it is 3 squads of Conscripts you will be there for a while!).
  • Tanya gains an EMP ability! This is deployed in a similar style to Nod's buggy in Tiberium wars. I am sure that Tanya players will find many uses for it!


  • Infantry inside the Soviet Bunker are still immune to garrison clearing weapons!
  • If you feel that your Nuclear reactor is about to be destroyed, sell it, to avoid having to deal with the fallout.
  • The Psychic beacon, has well has providing a support power, is also a full range stealth detector (ie equal to detector units detecting range) and also it will attempt to deflect small missiles that are fired within a radius around it (same has the Scrin Storm column). These extra abilities can be very useful when facing the Allies and the deadly Phase transport, so consider building more than one Psychic beacon in order to protect key areas in your base.
  • If you enter a Half track with a squad of terrorist, you will get the option to use the Half track has a make shift bomb truck! Just click on the explosive button, and then click on your intended target. If you want the Half track to use its gun, click on the gun button.
  • Infantry can use their weapons from inside a Half track. Half tracks + Tesla troopers + Iron curtain = insane!
  • If you place any Flame tower within a reasonable radius around a Psychic sensor, its weapon will be improved! The fireball will attempt to home in on any target, guided by the Psychic sensor!

Please use the forum if you want to help improve Red Alert history!

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

You are a true hero, this is one of my favorite mods, wish i had more time to play, but still, thank you for another great release c:

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darkyuri Online
darkyuri - - 1,357 comments

Mod is alive! I am very happy.

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CommanderDef - - 3,097 comments

Giving a try!

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Sefie1999AD - - 287 comments

Thank you for the release! I had to try it, and I must say, the mod is starting to feel like RA with the addition of all those RA units and structures. I especially like the air support powers.

I'm still secretly hoping for Prism Tank and Tesla Tank in an abandoned release VI alpha. xD

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