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Status and official position about project.First we want to say that we never stop the development since release, main goal was achieved and we still moving in.

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Status and official position about project.

First we want to say that we never stop the development since release, main goal was achieved and we still moving forward.

Due to the influx of mixed comments, we decided to remove the links of the project.
I didn't say that project were 100% ideal on release but i say right now that we reupload it with Patch 2 inside for easier install.
Also keep in mind that you need 2 gb videocard and 4 core processor (or better) to run Overcharged fine. Intel Celeron & HD graphics is unsupported.
Only clean steam versions of HL2+EP1+EP2+Lost Coast.

Now about something good.

We have read your comments and working on fixes where it needed.

While you wait, let's introduce some new additions made since release:

More cut enemies restored with detailed behaviors

Nova Expansion

Nova Expansion 2

Nova Expansion 1

New maps from arts built in story

Bridge from art recreated

New areas, alternative ways

New Areas in work

We probably add a message in main menu if your PC is lower than required (in next updates).

To split future user messages and detect any problems faster and clearly.

When we speak with community face to face we asked directly "What hardware are you using to play?"

With every half situation we got answer like "office laptop", "intel Celeron or other but with HD graphics", "i installed Steam on disk C but HL2 game is on disk D".

Now look, the more changes were made - the more power you need to handle it right?

New shaders require good videocard and particle effects require good processor to work smooth.

And we still updating optimisation but the fact is still is - we made a heavy mod, make sure you can run it.

SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

I hope this upcoming update improves the mod in terms of performance and not making a majority of the new guns and npcs feel redundant or worthless

This mod still has good potential, it just needs a lot more polishing and fine tuning IMO

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sitkinator - - 73 comments

I'm thankful that you guys at least understand that the mod might need some more time in the oven.

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BrodyBear7 - - 216 comments

Please use this beretta model!

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

In fact, you will have to work a lot on many things, for example, you need to improve the animation models of some weapons and NPCs, improve intelligence and fix bugs, I hope that in the next patch you will make the mod better and we are enjoying this project.

I wish you strength and patience and of course good luck.

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Guest - - 688,687 comments

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Original_Username - - 5 comments

What happened to iron sights?

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