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Race-X is back! Sorry, we have left you all but I am going to show you The Early Alpha Trailer for Race-X so lean back on your seat and enjoy!

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Race-X Is Back!

Hi, Syphothis here! I and my team are proud to announce that we have an early alpha trailer for Race-X.
To get here it has taken 3 years ever since I joined Moddb I wanted to make a mod because I was so inspired by the people in the Moddb/HL2 community. The lovely people of the moddb community got me here today where we release our Early Alpha Gameplay Trailer. My incredible team of Mappers, Voice Actors and Musicians also got me here.

Anyway enough of me talking here's the trailer:

See you next update!
Lead Developer/Storywriter

3037 - - 506 comments

Maps are bad. Super very bad... really

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

Like I said to DarkShift we are planning on changing the prison map to make it more bigger and better! Thanks for your comment!

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XxDaxterXxHero - - 242 comments

Yeah it really does.

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Luikrol - - 245 comments

Nice soundtrack

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

Thank You!

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lazy_riveN - - 77 comments

Trailer is bad. You could make decrease its duration for 1 min but add more action.
And maps - meh. Just meh.
And vanilla AI - it is killing all fun.

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

There's a distinctive lack of anything related to Race X in a project called Race X, I almost feel like I've got clickbaited. hmm. Good luck though.

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

Like I said to Bars the prototype we are working with is very unstable it crashed hammer every time we tried to place the NPCS down. We instead placed Antlions and Zombies down.

Thanks For Your Comment!

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Dmitriy-Bars - - 245 comments

So, what did you mean as "Race X" if there's no Race X?

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

We have a working prototype but its currently very unstable. The models/AI will be working by the next update. For the trailer we had to put the Antlions as the placeholders. Sorry for missleading some of you. Since we have been inactive for months I had to put something out there.

Thanks for your comment!

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sumbum21 - - 87 comments

i just hope this doesn't become the next HDTF

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

I promise you that it won't be that **** show :)

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YXBvbGx5b24wOTQ= - - 265 comments

Why did you not use the new build with new maps and HUD for the trailer?

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Syph0 Author
Syph0 - - 528 comments

New HUD?

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Rafaxis - - 47 comments

Good soundtrack, diferent hud, good mapping... Looks great!

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XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments

I see this mod getting a lot of hate, which I think it to be unjustified.
All I see people comment "map bad trailer long" but here is my honest opinion but also a way to FIX this mod and just media making in general.

1. Make the trailer music match with the footage being rolled.
(In this example, we'll use this trailer, you add very fast pace music to a slow pace vanilla HL2, which is very dull. Maybe play some slow music, don't use default transitions, and just think outside the box with things like, Color Correction, Light Entites, Light Spots, Sprites, and just what you have at your disposal in general.)

2. Try to get to the point in a trailer, (basically, showcase the things you want to show QUICKLY.) Overtime, these new generations and just people on media in general have lesser attention spans due to things being very short on the internet, this is why podcasts, live streams, etc, have lesser viewers than things like YouTube content, Stream Highlights, etc.
Try to shorten it down into basics as much as possible.

3. Don't overthink things, remember what made HL2 good.
HL2 is a very successful game for these reasons,
1. Innovative Physics and Game Mechanics, for its time.
2. High Res models and textures, again, for its time.
3. And a very well shown (not told) story.
If you can implement these aspects into your mod (no need for overcomplex "innovative combat systems".) Then you have a successful that will garner a following.

Good luck on Race-X, and please consider these tips.

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