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RA2YR Enhanced is an overhaul mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge with a completely rescripted AI. It aims to make skirmish games against the computer a lot more enjoyable without straying away from the vanilla flavor.

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RA2YR Enhanced 8.0 is up with many new features. Now that most scripts have been cleaned up and stability is high, I was finally ready to move on fixing some of the game's artwork. Using Yvory, lots of units have been refurbished to look better. Here's some of the most important changes so far:


Any serious modder knows about the famous Hind helicopter. Originally, it was an abandoned game asset, but now it has been fixed and converted into the Allied Condor helicopter. Powerful but fragile, Condors are very useful for hit'n'run attacks. To keep the game balanced, they're expensive and require an Ore Processing plant to build.


Kirov zeppelins have been improved to have propellers. The original model looked like it had turbojets which wasn't a good match for this type of aircraft.


Having multirole IFVs made mass-selection difficult if players had some special IFVs meant for other purposes, so the alternative IFV model was introduced some time ago to solve this issue. But the model was awful and indistinguishable from the original model, and now it has been finally upgraded.


The French Grand Cannon Vehicle was also introduced some time ago to balance the French defenses, but it was a mere repainted MCV. Now it has been improved to have its own unique look too.


Allied Battle Fortress has been upgraded to have a turret with a triple barrel becoming a deadly vehicle that can no longer be ignored.

Another noteworthy update, the Soviet Siege Chopper has now received a more active support role and, while airborne, can fire bolts of energy (EMP) that disable for a short time enemy vehicles and buildings. It's now a direct rival to the Allied Condor, and requires an Industrial Plant to build.

There are lots of other enhancements, like Sea Scorpions having a mobile turret now, louder aircraft sounds etc. There are, of course, new AI scripts to handle all the new features as well.

You can download RA2YR Enhanced 8.0 from the link below.

Special thanks to the Ares and Phobos developers who are still working hard to improve the game and make mods like this possible.

One last thing, keep in mind I'm only posting articles on major releases, so if you like this mod you should follow it to stay in touch with the latest updates. Thanks for reading and have fun playing RA2YR Enhanced!

RA2YR Enhanced

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