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This month we get our characters up and running about, code a ton and write new, fictitious languages for the world of Quill. We also make a nice GIF. We are proud.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to another (sometimes) monthly update. This time around we focused our attention on getting Quill up and running, literally. We now have some tasty new animations for Herreth that really bring his character to life. We also did some coding and managed to cook up some sweet dynamic headlook as well began teaching Ardomanian, one of the many languages unique to Quill.

**Animation and Headlook**

After hours of sitting in coffee shops poking away at Blender models, Griffin our artist has come up with some really nice walking and running animations for Herreth. The results are a whole lot nicer looking than what we had before, as there is a lot less sliding around. We also have a couple idle animations in stock, one for standing and one for crouching.

Additionally, we have finished a pretty nice headlook script. As you can see from the image above, Herreth's head and upper body now move to focus in on important objects. This should really help point out pickups, collectibles and various other interesting things to the player. This script also really helps when it comes to getting characters to look each other in the eyes during conversations. Not only is dynamic headlook convenient, but it also breathes a whole new level of life into our characters. Herreth just looks so much more alive looking around and checking things out.

We've also learned how to make crazy nice GIFs. Just saying.


Throughout Quill we plan to incorporate a variety of strange and unique languages, each native to its respective area in the game. In hopes of educating anyone who may be interested, we have begun making short, weekly video lessons on Ardomanian. The one above covers the simplest aspect of the language, the alphabet. We plan to use these languages to hide quite a few goodies throughout the game, so we highly encourage that you check the lessons out. Besides, learning languages is fun! Let's try to make this the next Esperanto, okay?


We are very pleased with the progress we have made this month and we hope to really build off of it in the months to come. Our next set of goals is to implement free movement and develop way more animations, code more delicious effects into the game and to revamp some of the architecture on the island of Fay. Expect more information on Ardomanian as well. Our artist is getting way too into it.


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The animation might need a bit more shoulder rotation when running/walking fast. Very good anyway, and interesting article :)

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