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Just a shot and simple news update for the Alliance at War mod.

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Hello, hello community. I have been kind of silent for a while, but I thought it was time I gave some sort of update. The next update will not be ready for some time. I cannot give any estimate for how long it will take for the next update, but it will be a while. I am aiming to get in at least one or two updates this year, but there is no guarantee on that.

I am still happy to answer questions, though. I may not be able to answer them on the same day, but I still will read through my inbox, and give anyone a reply that messages me.

On a side note, I downloaded a streaming program to live stream Alliance at War to YouTube. I found out my internet is not the... best for live streaming. I still live stream sometimes, but I can only stream in 480p.

Here, if you all are wondering what some of my settings are, ha.

Average Internet upload speed: 1.0 to 1.1 Mbps
Video bitrate: 1000 to 1100 (max allowance)

Anyway, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


My advices for future mod development
(you can simply say me "**** you" , i`m just giving ideas).

1. Please make Consortium more weak. Not only me said about it, but other people too. Its too much. Extremely powerful AI. Again i see the cruel war with Consortium but not with Empire. Or you can make GC with Consortium and GC without this faction. Or you also can rename this to... Corporate Sector or Mandalorians. But Consortium is - the MAIN enemy in your mods. It must not be. Please concentrate on war between Empire and Rebels.
Its only ideas and advices. I am not demand anything. You`re boss ;)

2. Please make something like minor factions. Many modders for FoC started to decline this function. in ROTM i saw there will not be minor factions, because Farseer cancelled this idea. But minor factions are cool for EaW. It makes SW world much more ... bigger. Please think about it.

3. Please also make something like SD ships for Rebels, maybe Looted Destroyers. Or maybe units from "Rebels" TV show. Think about it also.

Anyway, your mod is really great.
and i made many articles about it in the site of my friends.

Good luck! Good work!

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Larry-3 Author

Hey, BagaturKhan. It is alright, I always welcome feedback. Good or bad, ha.

Nerf the Consortium? Again? Ha. While they will be a bit more weaker and restricted in the next update, I am started to struggle with balancing issues. I have already nerfed them down soooooo much already. But I will keep at it. It is getting really difficult now.

Minor faction are tricky... Really tricky. I probably will not, but I will keep it on my "maybe list". Adding a new faction that does not seem generic and or similar is really difficult. Would a non-playable faction be okay?

As for the Rebel Alliance only and using Star Destroyer's, I could give them the Harbinger; but even if I did, they would not have it for very long. And to my knowledge, that is the ONLY Star Destroyer they successfully manage to completely capture.

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Thanks for hearing me.)
you can rename Consortium to something else. Maybe Mandalors or Criminal Underworld or maybe Corporate Sector. Or you can simply make GC campaigns without this faction.

about Harbinger - its great. and don`t forget about grand-moff Kallast from original EaW campaign. He must be one of Rebel heroes. Rebels need SD against enemies.

about minor factions - you can simply improve Hutts and Black Sun, make their planets with more garrison armies, with more Venator ships or even Looted SD. I am not asking you about to make newest.
Also idea - to rename Hutts to Chiss Ascendancy and add them some imperial units in space. Their planets can be empty, but must have good space defense. Think about it . ;)

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