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State of Qore. What i achieved for v07, workflow, what's left to do until update.

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Decided to start this devblog-stuff for Qore.

So here's a weekly update on the workflow for qore v07.
Between watching The Quake Grave and Icarus Doom Mod Madness, real life and all other stuff i managed to add these things to Qore:

I managed to make it this far:
- Frikbot added. For sh*ts 'n giggles, also because wizardmachine had the cool idea of expanding the gore to the multiplayer part of Quake, a thing that i originally didn't want to do because of recurring tremendous idleness-seizures. But it's a great idea!

- Player & bot dismemberment on death & different gib parts for legs, arms, torso & variations. Still needs more variety but works without problems in botmatches (Hell, i'm soooooooo bad at multiplayer, a wonder that i manage to play the most maps at skill 3). Also wizardmachines idea. And it is a great idea, because i had a lot of fun while the frikbots (on skill 0) over and over handed my arse to me. Well, that was good for testing :-)

- I added cvars for enemy abilities, so you can switch on and off their new abilities if they annoy you or you like the vanilla monster gameplay.

- Also, if a grunt has another weapon than the standard shotgun, his skin changes. In Qore he can use Super Shotguns and Nailguns too, so those guys have now a slightly different skin. Just enough to see the difference and i'm fairly happy with it, it doesn't look flashy or too different from the original skin. As the mod grows, i will do that for other monster variations too, should there be some.

- Currently i work on remaking all blood-skins for gibs & the bloody death variations. That will take a while. The Soldier is already done and then there are only 10 other monsters to take care of, each with 7-13 skin variations.
The new blood skins fit the dark blood tone of qore very good and if you frag a grunt now, the bloddy mess is looking much better.

And that are just the main things i did, here are the others:

Changes for update v0.7

- added preset qore.cfg files for different playstyles (faithful to the original gameplay but with gore OR with the most kinky other stuf i added so far).
- Added cvar for the amount of gibs that are dropped by players
- added different skins for the different soldiers (nails/shotgun)
- added the missing dismemberment bleeding effects for the Fiend/Demon
- Metal sparks added to hit effects for Knight and Hellknight
- enemies will more often get pushed back on death
- added a batch file to start qore
- found out that the footsteps cvar didn't work as it should, fixed it
- reworked the gib velocities and mass
- increased the chainsaw damage by 20 points per frame to make it actually useful
You still need a heckton of skill to use it as a weapon
- fixed the dead-dog slide bug
- hopefully fixed the knight invulnerability bug
(not entirely sure its gone, but i shot a hundred knights without seeing it happening)
- reworked some of the blood effects
- Added a new shotgun: Projectiles pierce monsters
I know there is already a nice double-barreled, but i added this new DBS because: Fuck yeah, Shotguns!
- The single barreled shotgun fires now 8 instead of 6 pellets

What's left to do:

Bloodskins for all other monsters, fishgibs, balancing & code for the first added weapon, blood particle effects for the player, some other death variations for the player with animated gibs. Not much in the list but it will take a few weeks to finish and polish it.

I've been asked if i will add new weapons. Yes, i will, but very slowly and carefull, because it's easy to break the gameplay of Quake and i want the weapons to be balanced as good as possible. Indeed there won't be any modern rifles or machineguns or laser rifles, mostly shotguns and other stuff that fits into the theme and world of Quake. It will also be possible to play only with the vanilla weapons or allow only selected new weapons to spawn. Also, i won't replace any of the vanilla models, so everybody can use her/his replacements or highres skins. And there won't be any ironsight-function. Reloading will be a function for some of the new weapons, nur only for the sake of balance.

In the first video you can see the new gibstage-thingy (shoot dead monsters repeatedly to frag them them into smaller chunks), and the new blood skins for the soldier. In the second video you can see soldiers taking vengeance on me, shooting the player into gibs. The player bloodskins have still to be polished and some additional particle effects are still missing, but it works quite well so far.
You might also notice, that i work on the weapon sound effects to give them a more hefty punch. A matter of taste, but i think for the shotgun and the nailgun i did a good job. The weapon sounds will be available as independent download on as soon as they are finished.

Gibstages, new bloodskins & weapon sounds:

Player death gibs & frags - under construction:


Man once you got that nailgun out and took it too them in that first video I got a big smile on my face. So brutal. Good job.

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DaisyFlower Author

Thanks :-) Well, the grunts Pop easily. I find it even more satisfying on the bigger ones like the Demons or the Ogre. I am curious about how it will Feel with the SNG.

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Looking forward to it!

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DaisyFlower Author

Thanks, me too :-)

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