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What? Duke Nukem? Nobody saw this coming at all. Ever.

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It's true though. In case you missed the reveal

This new champion has been added to v1.1 of QCDE which happens to have been released today, along with two Quake 3 maps: Aerowalk and Vertical Vengeance


Yes! Today!

Go download QCDE v1.1.0

QC: Doom Edition v1.1.0 (Full release)

And the updated QCDEmaps 1.1

QCDE Maps v1.1 (Deathmatch Mapset)

Here's the changelog for this version

V1.1.0 (Mar 16 2018)

- Added Duke Nukem Champion
- QCDEmaps: New duel map, Aerowalk by RoosTer
- QCDEmaps: New duel map, Vertical Vengeance by RoosTer
- New chat sound. Q3-4Life <3
- Scoreboard for free-flight spectating
- Quake Champions-like beep sound when you take damage
- Optional blood smears in the HUD when taking damage

Quality of life
- Added red outlines to champions in all DM modes
- Adjusted blue color outlines of champions for better visibility
- Sorgaul now plays a looping sound while ability is active
- Slighly reduced volume of titlemap music
- Reordered default weapon priority
- Terminator has a 3rd person FX to display he's using his ability
- Friendly/enemy Galen totem coloration is more pronnounced now
- Scoreboard and timer showing while free-flight spectating

- Normalization of speed for all champions (all closer to a central speed value)
- Protection powerup damage absorption from 75% to 60% (ATQCMP: Akin To QC's March Patch)
- DM zoomed Railgun damage from 90 to 100 (ATQCMP)
- DM zoomed HMG DPS equalized to unzoomed (damage from 15 to 20) (sort of ATQCMP)
- DM starting Machinegun damage from 8 to 9 (ATQCMP)
- Tribolt rate of fire from 1.1 to 1.0 seconds (ATQCMP)
- Inquisitor dodge thrust slightly buffed
- Menelkir's Maulotaur aggressivenes increased
- Menelkir's cooldown from 50 to 40 seconds
- Menelkir's hourglass after kill spawn faster

- Fixed looping sounds still playing after death in some instances
- Fixed sv_nodrop misbehaving
- Fixed timer not showing up for spectators
- Fixed scoreboard showing -999 frags for absent player
- Fixed Sorgaul not showing "Big champ" warning
- Fixed Caleb's footsteps being a bit too loud
- Fixed jumppads being extremely loud
- "Teleport dropper" should spawn monsters stuck in walls less often
- QCDEmaps: fixed bad texture alignment in QCDE01
- QCDEmaps: fixed bad map name on QCDE07 introduction

- Added more Caleb taunts

darkyuri - - 1,356 comments

Is planned Lo Wang?

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L3d - - 746 comments

Is Lo Wang planned ,see a simple copy/paste :P

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DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Maybe at some point. But we need to figure out good ideas for abilities.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
srkosta - - 20 comments

Passive - "Better than accupuncture!": Health items give extra health

Active - "Everybody dead. I like that.": The classic SW nuke. Big blast radius, area around explosion becomes poisonous for a while.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
srkosta - - 20 comments

Well, duh. I've seen that's actually Duke's pasive. So, another idea: "A Ninja knows no fear!": Chance (for example 15-20%) for any damage recieved to be halved. Stacks with armor.

And if you're planning to add Blaskowicz:

Active - "Dual Wield": Exactly as it says on the tin, as in new Wolfenstein iterations and QC

Passive - "Terror Billy": Blasko scares enemies to death. That means they move (slightly) slower and deal (slightly) less damage if they're close to B.J.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
srkosta - - 20 comments

Or alternatively as a Lo Wang active - "I am the Shadow Warrior!": Partial invisibility for a while. Sneak with the super shotty or **** off those railgun campers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheRealApaul27 - - 60 comments

We need custom champions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

It's planned for the future. But not possible ATM

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ApornasPlanet - - 4,117 comments

Hail to the king baby!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

"I ain't afraid of no quake" :3

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Bert_The_Flirt - - 23 comments

Is this a multi & Single player?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DBThanatos Author
DBThanatos - - 227 comments

Yes. You can play SP with quake 1, 2, 4 or regular doom monsters, with any of the 14 champs.

And multiplayer, it sure is possible. Coop and all sorts of deathmatch.

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