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A quick update regarding PUNT: Rebirth's development as of 9/12/15.

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As promised, here's another update regarding PUNT's development as of 9/12/15. However, we won't be making the large announcement we mentioned last update, as it's still a few months off at the least.

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For the past month, progress on PUNT has been much slower than usual due to many of the team members being unavoidably busy. However, we've still been working extremely hard when given the opportunity.

First off, we've decided to completely remake the intro map due to our old versions being extremely unpolished and visually unappealing. Expect new screenshots of that soon.

We've also been experimenting with behind the scenes areas a bit more, and here's what we have so far:

2015 09 11 00001

Additionally, we've updated various visual elements such as signs and instructional icons.

2015 09 11 00003

2015 09 11 00002

Also, one of our new composers, Zafire Flame Dragoon, has been hard at work on the following tracks for PUNT. Be sure to follow them on Soundcloud if you would like to keep up to date on their works.

Krisdrums has also been working on the OST, and would definitely be worth following as well to keep up to date:

That's about all we can show off comfortably at the moment. Yes, it was a rather small post, but we're still saving a rather huge bit of information for the next update.

Until next time,

-Tristan (BoxandRocks) of the Corrupted Studios development team


Looking Good.

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I love the soundtrack! Its not often you find a mod with one!

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Omg it will be so fun to see how the 2 games get going.

And this is good stuff!

A honest opinion.... I didn't liked that bts very much D:
You guys should try to make more factory like on portal 1 (while still keeping the style) and catwalks.

That's just a suggestion tough, you guys can completely ignore it

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Box&Rocks Author

Thank you for your suggestion. That picture is really only an experiment of ours. Actually, right after posting that article, one of the team members mentioned conveyor belts, and I realized that the current design won't work too well for it. So expect drastic changes as far as that!

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