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Alright, MOTY time is once again upon us. Also, we got a mention on Podcast 17. Details inside.

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Mod of the Year!

Four words currently ringing across all of ModDB. Also four words that have been crossing my mind much as of late. It's my humble opinion that Portal: Stay Inside should totally win MOTY 2010, because, you know, we've totally released a lot of stuff in the past year. Yeah. So, anyway, go here and hit "Vote" for what is undoubtedly the greatest Portal mod of all time. If you want. I guess.

On a serious note, there are a bunch of really fantastic mods that deserve your vote. I'm commanding you (honestly this time) to go and vote for the following mods:

--Blue Portals: Fantastic mod, if you haven't seen it yet you've been living under a rock.
--Project-Beta: Obviously awesome mod, go vote for it.
--Access All Areas: Really ambitious, good looking mod.

--Nightmare House 2: For reasons that are clear if you've played it, this mod deserves to do pretty darn well in MOTY 2010.
--1187: Haven't played it yet, but I've heard enough about it to tell you to go vote for it. So make it so.

So in conclusion, get out there and vote for some awesome mods. I don't particularly care about P:SI's nomination at this point--partly because I don't think it's released enough to deserve it. However, there are a bunch of mods that do deserve it, and they're waiting for your vote. My schedule's been rough lately, but there's a genuine update coming soon with some new media. On another note, P:SI was recently featured in Episode #108 of Podcast 17. A huge thanks to Phillip, William, and everyone else at P17 for the mention. Go here and listen to it! It's also apparently the shortest P17 episode on record. Thanks to all of you for supporting the mod throughout development, and thanks for reading.

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