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Volunteer to assist with mis-translations and grammatical errors, as well as help shape the stories!

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Greetings, I would appreciate anyone who spots mis-translations and grammatical errors within the Module, if you wish to assist that would be great!

To start it off, first you should write the thing you believe is incorrect or you want to change it to a more accurate term, regardless of how minor it is. Afterwards write the phrase corrected to the best extent of your abilities.

Use this for example:

(Old phrase with issues) -- (New phrase fixed by you)


(If you see tis bug, report to) -- (If you've seen this bug message, please report it to the developers.)

I will proof read each issue and apply it to future patches if its sufficient.

You may also come to Discord to discuss if you wish.

IgnatiosKanelos - - 97 comments

Challenge accepted!

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faycalki Author
faycalki - - 165 comments


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Bellos - - 1 comments


I have an error regading the naming of the city of Roskilde.
On the map you have written Loskile. The correct name for this old majestic town is Roskilde.

The town of Husum should be considered to be called Schleswig. Schleswig was a part of Denmark until the defeat in 1864 where Denmark lost this territory to Preussia.

Should you need any help regarding this nation fell free to contact me. I would gladly be of assistance to your already fantastic work.

Best regards from Denmark

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omar-maro2024 - - 4 comments

when i talk to kings or lords in castle
they reply (woman replies)
like Saladin In Cairo

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omar-maro2024 - - 4 comments

and how to play this game ?
there is no instructions ?
thanks very much for this great mod

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LordMormontOfBearIsl - - 72 comments

When you speak to a Lady you can marry, it says "bug report"

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