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The WiC MW Mod team is at it again, revolutionizing the RTS genre closer to becoming a modern military combat simulator. After countless hours of development, tens of thousands of lines of new code, and intensive testing period, we are proud to announce our latest new project known as Flexible Interceptor or 'FLINT'.

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September Progress Update

Remember, you can still find a guide on installing the Release Candidate 1 here

We're pleased to announce our biggest breakthrough in WiC modding known as FLINT or Flexible Interceptor.

What is it?

FLINT is a set of new scripts and sub-routine codes that allow us to re-write the way guided projectiles function inside WiC game world. Rather than projectiles flying straight or unrealistically chasing after their targets, FLINT allows us to conduct a full blown simulation of how such a projectile would function authentically in real life.

With FLINT tech, we are able to properly simulate effects of gravity, aerodynamic conditions and velocity/energy of the projectile and take all of that into consideration as it flies inside the game world space.

One particular interest in applying FLINT technology is in guided missiles and smart bombs. With FLINT, we are able to simulate the following properties that are present in modern intelligent missiles today in real life:

  • inertial navigation system (INS)
  • missile seeker sitting on a gyro -- the limits of seeker's field of view (gimbal limits)
  • battery life of missile seeker -- as missile is flying, it uses battery power to run the seeker.
  • aerodynamic properties of a particular missile, in its kinematics performance.
  • thrust vectoring and skid-to-turn maneuverability enhancers
  • lead-pursuit guidance to intercept a moving target -- missile leads and shortcuts a moving target.
  • sophisticated algorithms, including data-link to talk back to the launch host while missile is flying.
  • semi-active homing / buddy lazing. allows target to be 'lazed' or 'painted' by another teammate or player, for your missile to be homed into.

Simulating the AIM-9X Sidewinder Missile

AIM-9X was the first missile we've programmed to use FLINT tech for World in Conflict.

The AIM-9X missile in game using FLINT tech uses thrust-vectoring to provide extremely tight turns, and also has a high off-bore angle of 180 degrees.

Lock On Before and Lock On After Launch

The AIM-9X missile in game supports both Lock On Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock On After Launch (LOAL) modes. LOAL mode allows you to use the AIM-9X missile in "beyond visual range" combat against opposing team's air player, where you can engage without seeing the target yourself.

To fire using LOAL mode, simply aim and launch the missile to whatever area on the map where you think the enemy air is. You do not even need to see the enemy to fire. The missile will fly to your designated area and search for a target to kill, then whatever it finds, it will lock onto it and kill it.

Simply put, LOAL mode is basically a free, Air-to-Air strike tactical aid, where you can blindly fire missile into an area where you think enemy air will be located, without even seeing the target yourself.

Lead-Pursuit Guidance

Instead of chasing after the target, the missile leads and shortcuts a moving target and prepositions itself in front of target's flight path. It basically turns itself into a "goal keeper" to 'catch' the target in time by colliding onto it in its flight path.

You can read all about Proportional Navigation development for World in Conflict game here:

"Those soldiers got AA capabilities!"

Infantry players of our mod have rightfully criticized that Air role is too overpowered against them, where their AA missiles are practically useless and do nothing but give away their position for air to kill and "force-fire" their rockets onto their position.

To address this, our solution is real simple: Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPAD) utilizing FLINT technology. Now infantry players have a real, devastating sniper rifle against all enemy air threats to ambush them on their terms.

FIM-92 Stinger in action:

Longbow Hellfire II Missile

The Longbow Hellfire II missile (AGM-114L) is practically an aircraft in its own right. It uses sophisticated flight trajectories, and while airborne, establishes a data-link back to your attack chopper. Your helicopter transmits course corrections to the missile while it is flying, to make sure that it will hit its target. This is called "mid-course update."

  • Diagram of Longbow Hellfire II engagement trajectory and process:

    FLINT - Longbow Hellfire LOAL Flight Trajectory

  • Diagram of Longbow Hellfire II sub-routine code written in python:

    Design Diagram for New AGM-114L Hellfire Missile

Lock On Before & After Launch Modes for Hellfire

The Longbow Hellfire II missile supports both Lock On Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock On After Launch (LOAL) modes of engagement. Engagement mode is automatically determined by your chopper when you fire the missile, based on range to target.

With LOBL engagement, the missile is said to be "fire and forget" mode of operation. The missile will lock onto your target while still sitting in the launch rail, then fly into it and kill it. You simply fire the missile and forget about it.

Under LOAL, the missile operates in "fire and update" mode. With this mode of operation, the missile automatically cruises to the target area (known as "basket"), as if it was a cruise missile. Your helicopter also talks back to your missile over data-link while it is flying, and transmits mid-course updates to ensure accurate flight to its target area.

Once the missile arrives in the basket, it will then search the area and lock onto the target it finds. With LOAL, you don't even need to see the target to kill it.

Longbow Hellfire II missile in operation:

Going Forward and Next Steps:

Work on bringing in more tactical combat missiles into FLINT technology is on-going. The following missiles will also become upgraded to use FLINT:

  • AGM-114K laser-guided Hellfire missile: Allows the missile to be guided in real-time by an infantry player, using laser designator.
  • Russian R-73M air-to-air missile. Equivalent to AIM-9.
  • Russian Strela and Igla MANPAD/short-range surface-to-air missiles.
  • Russian Ataka-V and Shturm anti-tank missiles fired from helicopters.

While the work continues, our Fans on Facebook ( can apply to play developer test builds if they wish to, by following the directions here: Participating in Developer Tests.

We hope that you will enjoy the latest development for World in Conflict, to make it the most realistic military-simulation grade Real Time Tactics (RTT) game out there. Please Like! us on our Facebook page and for further updates.

Battle8111 - - 1,000 comments

Nicely done on the FLINT videos and info on how you done it, cant wait to use it in-game!

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Excellent work guys... FLINT Aerospace Ballistics... Nowhere to Hide!

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lzg8988 - - 3 comments


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VaderSpawn - - 4 comments

Will you add data linked Abrams

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Thourq - - 185 comments

I'm pretty confused since I'm new to this mod, but is the Flint System in the Release Candidate 1 or no? If not, then I can't wait to try it out, playing this mod has been awesome! I wish I could play real MP matches though.

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blahdy Author
blahdy - - 997 comments

FLINT will be on next upcoming release (not in RC1).

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