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Every month I will be posting a progress update here to keep everyone up to date on what we are working on and what are goals are for next month.

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This month we have been mostly focused on getting the multiplayer aspects of the game implemented because our game at its foundation is all about the multiplayer experience.

Our first task was getting the matchmaking system working in a way that made sense for our game. As there weren't really any solutions we could find for unity that fit our criteria perfectly, we had to do it on our own. Now I'm happy to say that we have a very robust and scalable solution that is tailor made for our game and that should be able to serve any amount of players in the future. (Thanks Ryan and Matt!)

Second we started refining our game play more. We have been spending a lot of time testing player movement and refining that along with the boost mechanic. Our goal is to have everything feeling just 'right' - that unspoken factor that exists where a game flows well.

Lastly, we have been working to improve and further implement the game systems. Currently we have the kick off working great, with what I feel is a skill based and fun system. We also have the game clock implemented which is properly managing the game (Kick off, 2 minute warning, half time, etc).

With all of that we also have the starting game flow nailed down for casual mode. This includes picking teams, voting for players roles at any point in the game, and the coin toss and deciding who kicks and receives.

All in all this month has been very productive and we hope to start doing some more player testing at some point in the next couple of months!

Our goals for next month:
Continue refining the fundamentals (Player movement, ball physics, etc)
Finish implementing more core game systems (Scoring, field mechanics, yards etc)
Finalize UI for currently implemented systems
Implement Finalized versions of our first two stadiusm (Underwater, and Robot)
Implement Finalized character model of our first character (Underwater Male)

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