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This Article Informs you about the current Development Progress of this Mod. And informs your about the Status of the Release for the First Version.

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Hello everyone,
I hope you all had an nice Cristmas.
This Article informs you about the current Development Progress.
Additionally it informs you about the Status regarding to the First Release and about the future Plans.

What happenend to the old Release Date:
The first Release was orignally set on 31 December 2022.
However I have decide to move the Release of the first Version to the first quarter of 2023.
That means a new Release date will be announced in January.

Here the reasons for this Decision:
First of all the Development of the additional Sections for the Fire Support Manager takes more time as expected. Second instead releasing a mod with unfinish Content i want to make sure to finish the 3 Latest Sections for the Fire Support Manager. The latest thing is I want to do an Final Test to check its functionality to fix Balance Issues and Bugs before the Mod goes live.

What is planned to appear in the first Version:

Reinforcement Manager
Land Reinforcments
Air Reinforcments
Space Reinforcements (Needs FBP Orbital)

Fire Support Manager

Rapid Fire (In Development)
Beam (In Development)
Special (In Development)

If anything is finished the first Release will be published.

What about the Natural Desasters?
The Natural Desasters will appear in the third Release.

Some of them are still in Development and will appear in the Fire Support Manager later.
You can check out these Videos as an Preview:




What is planned for the Second Release?
Reinforcment Manager:
New Land and Air Reinforcements will be added to this Manager
The Reinforcments are from thse follwing Mods: Brewlan, 4th Dimension and Blackops.
The Units itself are not included in this Mod directly but an Support will be added to it.

Fire Support Manager:
Two new Sections: Field Booster and Field Defenses.

Field Booster:
This Section gives your Access to dropable Booster Pods.
These small Structures gives HP, Regeneration, Rate of Fire or damage Buffs to your Units.

Field Defenses
This Section gives your access to dropable Defenses.
These new types of Defense Turrets are smaller an weaker then their regular Counterparts.
However they can be Upgraded with additional Weapons, Abilities and Defense Systems.

What has been devloped in the latest Months?

The reinforcment manager has get an Interface Rework.
Some new Icons and an Info Window has been added to it:

Cybran Button Rework

Cybran Button Rework2

The Same goes for the Fire Support Manager as well:

Fire Support Manager Rework3

Regarding to the Reinforcement Manager:
Any Land Reinforcment will be spawned by Drop Capsules.
That means if the Drop Capsule hits the Ground Layer the requested Land Unit will be spawned.
Here are few examples:

UEF Drop Capsule:

UEF Dropcapsule

Cybran Drop Capsule:

Cybran Dropcapsule

Three new sections for the Fire Support Manager:

These Sections are currently in Development.

Rapid Fire:
Gives the Player the option to call Rapid Fire Artillery Barrages.
Compared to regular Artilllery Shells the Projectiles are Laser, Plasma or Energy Based.
The Damage output is lower of these Projectiles.
And the Barrages will fire a larger amount of Projectiles.
This Screentshot presents you the callable Rapid Fire Barrages of the UEF:

Rapid Fire Artillery

Gives the Player the option to call movable or stationary Beams.
Each Faction has get their own Individual callabe Beam Set.
Xenon Beam of the Aeon is an callable Movable Laser Beam:

Aeon Beam

As an example the Aeon have the Stationary Tendium Beam Barrage:
This is an hybrid of two Weapons
A Tendium Laser Beam with an low Damage output
And an concentrated Tendium Energy Projectile which causes an huge Explosion.
Any enemy Unit will be destroyed in this Explosion Range.

Aeon Stationary Beam1

Aeon Stationary Beam2

This Section is soon in development.
It will contains these following callalbe Weapon Barrages:
Napalm, Acid, Nanites and Dimensional

Faction: UEF.
Its Shells will cause Napalm Explsions with an addinal Field of Fire.
So prepare yourself to burn some enemy Vehicles and Structures.

Faction: Aeon
Acid is already used by the Miasma Tech 2 Artillery.
If the Miasma Artillery Shell hits the Ground a Green Cloud will be spawned.
This Cloud causes Damage to enemy Units over the Time.
The Aeon are using an naother type of Weapon with an Similar Effect.
And this will be be introduced to their Special Section.

Faction Cybran
Small Robots will be unleashed by an Capsule.
These Robots will be able to Damage enemy Units and Repair Ally Units in their Range.

Dimensional Weapons:
Faction Seraphim
Absorbed Energy from other Dimensions will be spawned on the map.
The Energy will causes an Stun effect to enemy Units.
Howecvcer the Energy will be instable after some time and causes an Explosion.

I hope that gives you an nice Overview about the Development Progress for this Mod.
Stay tuned for the Announcement of the new Release Date for the First Version.
And this time it will be published for sure. ;)

If you have any Suggestions, Ideas or something else let me know in the Comment Section.
Or Join the official Discord Server of this Mod:

Best regards

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