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The Chinese probably have this biggest update since-- I really like designing vehicles for them so...

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Instead of the Battlemaster General, they will be the Artillery General.

Artillery General -- replaces Battlemaster General(formerly replacing Vanilla China)
This General Prefers to heavy bombard enemies from relative safe distance.


Above are Artillery Troop Crawler, Double Nuke Cannon, Artillery Overlord and, Triple Artillery.

This general also comes packaged with:
-Sniper Battlemaster(long-ranged battlemaster), Sniper Anti-Air

Dragon General -- replaces Tank General
This general harnesses the destructive nature of fire to cleanse the opposition.


Above are Dragon Artillery, Firestorm Cannon, Flamelord and, Napalm Battlemaster

This general also comes packaged with:
-Advanced Dragon Tank, Napalm Gatling Tank

Gatling General -- replaces Infantry General
This general oversaturates the battlefield in bullets to tear down everything their opponent musters.


Above are Gatling Artillery(rapid-fire artillery), Heavy Assault Crawler, ECM Gatling, Super Gatling Tank, Gatling MBT

This general also comes packaged with:
-Gatling Outpost

Nuke General
This general relies on Nuclear Weaponry to obliterate their foes.


Above are Desolator(Anti-infantry, Anti-garrison), Mountain Deva(Quadruple Nuke Cannon with Overlord Attachments), Nukerlord(Has inherent anti-air capabilities), Nuke Battlemaster

This general also comes packaged with:
-Nuclear-powered Gatling Tank


Great Mod, but every time i try to play as or battle the Nuke General the game crashes.

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