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Corey plays through Ascendancy talking about some of the balance and other changes coming in the near future, as we gear up for the Hapan addition coming later.

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Hey everyone! Been a while since we've posted anything specifically about Ascendancy, aside from the overview news post for all of Thrawn's Revenge last month. With Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 2.2 out, we're now gearing back up in Ascendancy production, but not all has been quiet- the primary focus of 1.2, the last release before we get our next faction (the Hapans) in, will be a major push to address the balance issues between the existing factions as much as we can, which bane has been working on alongside Ages of the Federation, along with a few other tweaks and upgrades. I've done a full playthrough to discuss what this will entail and showing some of the early results of that work. All 6 episodes are already up, so you can see them all by following the playlist below:

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