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Hello everyone following us! In today's article we will talk about...

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Hello everyone following us!
In today's article we will talk about problems encountered in Pre-Alpha.
If you didn't downloaded the Pre-Alpha build,you can download it by clicking the link below:

Project Zombie Reality 2014 Pre-Alpha

So,5 days have passed since the Pre-Alpha release of our modification.
We thank everyone that joined the testing.Dont forget to report bugs in comments section,so they could be fixed in the next Beta Version of the modification!
Beta Version is now currently in work,and for its faster release,we require players to report them

Here are some statistics for Beta Release:

1) Loading Screen - Removed US and MEC flags | Modified some information
2) Human Knife - Removed for better Human AI Responsivness.
3) Gamemodes - Survival is being reworked | Escape and Backup pending
4) Weapons - Kits are beign reworked | New weapons to come soon!
5) Easter Eggs - Soon to be included.Did you found one from The Skyscraper?
6) Bug Fixing - Steady moving to right direction

These are statistics for Beta Release.
More to come very soon
Thank you for paying attention to us!
Zombie Strike

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