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This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

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Tutorial Island Progress

Sign display, enclosed harvesting areas, and a npc shop

​New Additions

  • Added the ability to stop harvesting. (Moving away from whatever your harvesting will cancel the harvest/animation)
  • Fishing now requires you to use fishing bait.
  • Added People NPC to tutorial island (Shop NPC, where you can sell your goods and purchase bait)
  • Harvesting chances have been increased, (players should now fail and succeed more)
  • Added signs these will only show when your close to each sign.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed loot chest interaction range
  • Fixed certain windows not closing when returning to the login screen
  • Fixed hints showing when other trigger them. (This system has been removed and replaced with a sign system)

​What's Next

  • Fix certain animations not displaying for others players (they currently only show for the client)
  • Add new crafting recipes to the crafting book
  • Imrpove hitbox on bushes
  • Increase item stacks, on fishes, berries, tomatos, onions, copper, metal, gold, logs, and bat wings
  • Add ability to view scheduled maintenance times in-game
  • Artwork: Boat, , Cooked Trout, Campfire, Worms

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