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This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

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Tutorial Island Features

Harvesting Equipment

Fishing, Farming, Gathering, Woodcutting, and Mining all require specific tools.


Several quest help introduce , fishing, farming, woodcutting, gathering, mining, combat, and crafting.

New Skills/Levels

Fishing, Farming, Gathering, Woodcutting, and Mining. These skills can be learned from reading a skill book. As you advance these skill levels you will be able to obtain better items in each category. You will also gain experience as you do each one of these skills.

Tutorial Island has been released and the main island has been closed off temporarily.

New Additions

  • Lootable Objects (Crates, Chests, Barrels, boxes)
  • Introduce crafting as apart of the tutorial
  • Extend Day/Night cycle to tutorial island
  • Increase interaction range for fishing
  • Crafting & Combat Tutorial Quest
  • Artwork: Bat Wing, Hay Stack

Bug Fixes

  • Harvesting not sending requirement message
  • Fixed interaction range not detecting range properly

What's Next

  • Add ability to stop harvesting/collecting
  • Add People NPCS to tutorial island
  • Add Ability to disable hints
  • Fix certain windows not closing when returning to the login screen
  • Fix certain animations not displaying for others players (they currently only show for the client)
  • Fix hints showing when others trigger them(they should only show for the client)
  • Artkwork: Boat, , Cooked Trout, Campfire

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