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To celebrate MEC2 making it into the top 100 mods we've released an update detailing more of the content included in our recent release. We've also released a 'Blood SDK' which allows other C&C3/RA3 modders to use MEC2's death effects in their mods.

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Vote MEC2!

MEC2 made it into the top 100! Please click the image below to vote again for us in the 2nd phase of the Mod of the Year competition (we're in the released section, under C&C3).

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Also, in case you missed it we released R1.5 of MEC2 a couple weeks ago. Click the image below to download! Please remember that C&C3 must be fully patched for MEC2 to run.

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Blood SDK Released

This is something we've been meaning to release for a while, releasing MEC2's blood code and art for other mods to use. The idea came up after a friend who runs another mod team was asking how we did our blood...and it just made the most sense to make it all public.

Click here to download the Blood SDK. Please keep in mind that this is ONLY useful to other C&C3 (and maybe RA3) modders.

We also put together a short video showing some of our death effects;


Finally, we'll get into the postpreview (or maybe afterpreview? not sure what to call it) of R1.5. The fact is, we jumped the gun on that release in order to get it out for the holidays and didn't get to do a newspost listing some of the new features. Here are a couple of our favorites;

The first two screens show off several important things added in R1.5 (the most minor of them is that we overhauled the lighting of the map 'Highway of Death').

The first screenshot shows how we've changed the defense tab into the superweapon upgrade tab, where for each faction you can pay to upgrade 2 of your superweapons.

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The next screenshot shows the new occupation point upgrade power which when bought and used on an occupation point will permanently increase the money that point earns (it caps at 3 upgrades though).

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Our 8 player map 'Pestilence' has also seen several significant changes. Firstly the center of the map now holds an expansion point (allowing you to expand your base there if you capture it). The center area also is now filled with hostile PMC map creeps, which attack any nearby units.

The Nethia Trucks, have been moved to the end of each of the bridges and have had their role changed. Radiation doesn't exist on the map by default, instead when you capture one of the Nethia Trucks you are given a special power which will vent radiation (much stronger than the radiation in R1) from each of the 4 set locations on the map. This radiation will decay over time, but serves as a nice defense against incoming enemy ground attacks.

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The final screen shows one of my favorite units in MEC2, the demo drone in action. In Release 1, they were tricky to handle and needed a lot of micromanagement to be used effectively. When a drone was destroyed, it would explode violently and usually would result in a chain reaction where all of your drones would be lost. We've changed the drone in R1.5 so that you can turn on the drone's safety which turns their weapon off but also doesn't explode when killed.

The best way to use these units is to build them, turn the safety on, surround your target and flip the safety off (boom).

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:D nice job

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