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So we are currently having a debate about whether or not to include certain cultures. The example I will give is;

Opinion #1

Cultures such as Afro American should not be included separately and rather be included in one American culture, this is partly because the American culture is fairly homogenous, but more importantly that desegregated units would draw from all races. The example being if there were 700 Yankee soldier pops and 300 Afro American soldier pops you couldn’t form a unit, but if they were all the same culture you could.

Opinion #2

Cultures such as Afro Americans should be included to give a more realistic atmosphere to the game. Of course as we all know Afro Americans make up a large minority in the USA and it is important to represent them.

So what are your opinions on this ?


I'd say just don't over complicate it for yourself. Just name the civilian population 'civilians' and have done with it. lol

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