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I would like to share with you my prototypes what i created over the past year.

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First thing first, i've started this project in late 2013. Then i began to develop the whole framework and tools to create things to work with. Because only i working on the project, it's hark to create such work what i would proudly present for you.

Over the last year i've been working on lots of prototypes they will likely end up in the project may not it depends of the visual assets what i could ask for credit.

1. Battle of Hoth


This would take place in the Hoth system, and looks like the in the movie or the first level of Shadow of the Empire definetly check it out its a wonderfull game.

Screenshot 2017 03 27 02 07 41

2. Trench Run

The level idea came from the Battlefront Death Star DLC, however i don't know how could i make it so interesting. I've been thing of procedurally generated.

Screenshot 2017 03 27 01 41 54

Currently, it's only a rebel alliance experience.

Screenshot 2017 03 27 01 43 15

3. Escort through the asteroids

It's been already teased, the whole battle takes place in an asteroid field, your task is to help escort rebel the frigates safely. This was meant to be the second level of the game, however lots of things changed through the past and i lost the light settings. Also there is some performance problems but I'm working on it.

Screenshot 2017 03 27 02 10 18

4. Land battle over Tatooine

Theres not much i could show it for you the hole thing is just in paper. There's much problem with the AI to control then in the canyons. The inspirations comes from the Rogue Squadron 3D first level.

5. Model viewing scene

As i'm a hardcore Star Wars fan, i'm thinked about a scene where you could view the ships which are included in the game and run around the check the ships visual details how big it is and gather some technical info.

Screenshot 2017 03 27 02 15 35

I hope some of you may don't lose interest in the project after the silence.


Glad to hear from you, and good things! :) As for me, I am absolutely crazy-bananas fanatic of aerial sci-fi shooters (I still play Mother-Of-Them-All "Terminal Velocity"), and I will follow this project and cheer you up with my support! :) Sure, I can test something too... ;-)
P.S.: I absolutely prefer joystick, it is natural for me for flying games. But, I can understand one-man fun projects may lack initially something... no problem.

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Hello again. I would like to inform, that, recently I try to become reasonably active "voice" about sci-fi games - mostly, but not restricted to - aerial combat. I call them - "Cockpit Games"(tm). So, it can be aerial and space combat, mechs and hovercrafts, underwater sub-figters, and non-combat cockpit vehicles too.
Some devs even started to give some non-public builds to play around and post media (with Author's permission). So, if you would like to show something, that is maybe not exactly ready for large audiences, I am here to try it, capture it, and show around.
Needless to say, such games are my addiction, so I am having great joy from such tests. ;-)

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This is an amazing game! Even though there are multiple bugs, and only one map I can play, I cant stop playing it! You are doing an amazing job, and I am hoping I can make a video of some of the game to help raise awareness :)

Keep up the great work, and i cannot wait for the next update!

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