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The last big code refactoring before Voxel support is added plus many nice community contributions to give the game more polish.

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  • Added building range and structure placement rate limiting to C&C
  • Added HTML readme and documentation files
  • Added more cameos (for C&C, made by Nyerguds) and showcase everything in developer mode

  • Changed in-game chat drastically towards better usability (thanks to bidifix again)

  • Fixed master-server showing bots together with the human players (now separate field)
  • Fixed C&C targetable blossom trees, made them indestructible again
  • Changed Blue Tiberium blossom trees regenerate slower than green Tiberium
  • Changed Stealth Tank damage vs. wood nerfed
  • Changed Guard tower slight buff, to kill E3 in 2 shots instead of 3, and E4/E5 in 4 shots instead of 5.
  • Changed Bazooka rockets expire a bit sooner. They would continue on forever.
  • Changed Orca rockets: fewer, more powerful (less spammy), more ammo, greater sight
  • Changed Harvester capacity to $700 (original C&C95 value) slowed down unloading
  • Changed C&C Mammoth Tank: faster, 600 to 800 HP, turns slower
  • Changed reduced MLRS speed, reduced health slightly (120 to 115 HP), initial stance: defending
  • Changed Increased C&C nuke damage vs heavy armor (like guard towers)
  • Changed C&C guard tower gun: buffed to shoot faster and fire more often
  • Changed Ion canon no longer does area damage, but more damage per cell against heavy armor
  • Changed Weapons Factory & NOD Airstrip HP reduced greatly (to 1000)
  • Changed Advanced Communication Center's HP increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Changed Temple of NOD and advanced communications center will also allow building of high-tier units now
  • Added fully configurable version mismatch detection (by default you can't join games with different versions and your games will be protected from people bombing in with {DEV_VERSION} now)
  • Changed Replace Turret/Muzzle positioning code as a preparation for Voxel support
  • Added new DebugMuzzlePositions developer cheat to help fix them up.
  • Added prison/tech center icon and build-up animation (by Kilkakon)

  • Fixed A* pathfinder Debug visualization in C&C.
  • Fixed C&C classic crash on game start
  • Added the desync-debug traits to the actors of default mods
  • Changed trees to be non-targetable again (they can only be destroyed by super-weapons). Also fixes regressions like demo truck and scripted soviets AI in Allies04 trying to fight mother nature.
  • Fixed changing sell/repair/powerdown hotkeys to have immediate effect in-game again (no restart required)
  • Fixed Desura launch scripts for Linux (removed as they are auto-generated by the client).

We don't have direct access to the install settings of OpenRA on Desura. We can only ask site administrators there to fix things up for us and authorize our uploads which slows down test cycles a lot. The current preferred way is still to get the latest packages from our website (especially Linux and Mac) until this is resolved by technical support. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Curious, on the subject about trees, do some of them turn into Blossom Trees like in C&C1?

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Milanium Author

They are placed by the mapper to seed Tiberium.

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i still can't get the game to work on my laptop :(

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Milanium Author

Read the and if it does not help join IRC to get live help.

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