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These are the Civs that currently have the a AI in wol

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Playable Ai in Age of Empires® III: Wars of Liberty

Out of the many civilizations that Wars of Liberty has added not all have yet got an AI, you might have already notice that some of the Civilizations don't do anything. that is because they have no AI. Here is a list of the civilizations that currently have an AI, including vanilla civilizations.


The Playable AI in Age of Empire


Will there be the possiblity more AIs will be added?

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Yes. Me and possibly others will work on making new ai's available.

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AIs will help give the game some refreshing longevity

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AIs will help give the mod some more playability.

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_RedHawk Author

all civs except 3 are working now :D

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Oh my god, dude you guys mustve worked your ***** off to make this!

All thats missing now is the Anatolia Map and WoL will be perfection this update

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you forgot, Tupi colony can also be used as AI as well.
i wish if the creator can fix some stuff of small points, i believe, more colony can be used as AI, for example:
1: Europe colony: Belgian (add Boer as econ unit), Habsburgs (add Tross as econ unit and Tross can build habsburg's house)
2: Mapuche and Inca colony(viilager and house)
3: Australian colony: (add Convict Settler as econ unit and house can be built...)
Some colony may got exceptions, for example:
1: Egyptian colony: the town center is the main and most important building that every colony must have. losing it at beginning may result AI villager not doing anything, except Ali Pasha. i think we use town center caravan as an emergency caravan that moves in another better zone, but i afraid AI can't train other caravan in this unit ...
2: African Library: may this building as the building that build first (for egyptian, train it first)
3: Romanian: Econ unit (for example: Settler) auto train in town center only, no matter what it is. That means i have 2 options for fix this problem: return for normal mode (make Roma slave train in TC) or do something to make Roma Slave train in Vardo, or even Vardo can auto maintain Roma Slave.
4: Bulgarian: you shouldn't add military flag or flags which are related to military flags (found in ProtoY.xml) for Strong Peasant, because AI military Unit can't train in TC, only train econ unit
5: Danish: snapphane is the most difficult unit for using as econ unit because this unit is military unit. I have some suggest for fixing this: auto maintain (best idea but may need limit), spawn snapphane after building some building, example: house
6: Italian: I don't think merchant that can't build is an idea of this villager. As you see architect can build most building, but you can't see some building that need to build. for example, i want to build plantation or native embassy, i select him but i can't see plantation or native embassy icon that select to start (for this, i can't remember these building hot key). I suggest merchant build economic only, and let the other building for architect.
... more things that need for change in AI..

maybe i'm not a WOL member, but i hope these suggestion 'll help WOL team to complete the next update

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hello there!

I mostly play the game in singleplayer, therefore i have quite a bit of feedback about the bots...

-Japanese are broken. They start normally but after a few minutes they idle their villagers and dont progress at all, making them an easy target.
-the Germans seem to have the same issue, to some extent. They progress quite normally, but slower than they're supposed to. After Mid-end game they had only a few buildings and they werent producing much units. Not much competition..
-There was a few more civs that were broken, but i dont remember. Ill try to keep this list up to date.

I think i was playing on the second or middle difficulty. I know the first one is completelly borked...

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Do we need to delete all AI Personality in AI3 just to get them working?

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