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Last week we finished up the very first complete build of our demo - exciting times! We went to CHI Play in Amsterdam to show it. While we ran into some issues on our side, we still benefited a lot from building the game and letting people play it! We're now ironing out some glaring issues before making and showing a new version.

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Here's a gameplay clip of the demo, with:

  • Improved setdressing
  • Completely revamped post-processing effects
  • Full trading sequence and part of a quest scenario

Hue is stocking up on Puffle feathers before trying to trade with the chief of a village on the Pollen Fields. He doesn't quite have enough though...

We also added a few new animations to make the critters a bit more lively. Here's a type of (mating) call for both the Alpafant and Puffle:

We also improved the Alpafant's death animation when standing still - we were only using a running one before.

We've also improved a bit of combat, mainly focussing on the shield and bow:

We're excited for the new version of the demo, which will hopefully contain fewer errors and a bit more polish.

Until next time!

~cHendler~ - - 776 comments

Nice update. Keep it up!

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

looking good so far

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