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Main information of the Pihalic Mod 2.0 project. Here you can also find Download links and scripts system article.

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Script system in version 2. 00

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;0- Start

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1- Garrison Script - garrison script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;2- Money Script - maintenance of settlements (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;3- Balance Script - initial balance

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;4- Warcost Script - Field Costs (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;5- Rise of Heroes - script of historical heroes

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;6- Loans

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;7- Newking Script - inheritance through marriage (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;8- Mongol Invasion - invasion of the Mongols

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;9- Viceroy Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;10- Interactive Script - balls, tournaments, fairs (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;11- Decime Papali - Papal tithe (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;12- Udienza papale - Crusade Pay Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;13- Esilio - Council of Nobles (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;14- Lega dei Baroni - Revolt of the Barons

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;15- Unione degli Emiri - Revolt of the Emirs

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;16- Flotte mercantili - Merchant Navy (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;17- Settlementcost Script - Wall maintenance (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;18- Diserzioni - desertion of mercenaries (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;19- AOR - defines local or AI

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;20- NUOVI AGENTI - heretics, witches, princesses, antipopes

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;21- conversioni - conversion of religion (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;22- Ordini - hiring crusaders subject to CP (OPTIONAL), mission orders

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;23- Incoronazioni - coronations (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;24- Eretici, streghe e rabbini - historical heretics, priests, witches

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;25- Disastri - natural disasters

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;26- dote - dowry

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;27- tecnologie - technology script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;28- reliquiario - relics

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;29- Video - video events

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;30- confische - confiscation from vassals

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;31- Sobillatori e Untori - Sabotage Script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;32- White Flag Script - script for the surrender of the city without a siege

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;33- Events affecting bonuses in cities (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;34- cambio nomi - script for changing city names

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;35- Tesori Sovrani Nemici - treasures of the enemy general

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;36- script reliquie conquistabili - relics captured in battle

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;37- Recruitment from population - hiring and disbanding troops affects the population of the population

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;38- Crusades' Limits Script - CP limit script (OPTIONAL)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;39- SKYNET BATTLE AI

Download links:

Pihalic Mod 1.0 {OBSOLETE}

Old version (OBSOLETE)

Pihalic Mod 2.0 Full Release !!!

The final version of the mod


Run Pikhalych mod.exe, install in the folder with mods

Since the mod used units from Blad398 use them in other mods is forbidden!!!

fogareu1 - - 39 comments

At the end of the installation an error message appears "The system cannot find the specified file" and the executable file for the game is not displayed

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Metr_Pihalich - - 31 comments

Antivirus ate exe

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jeffry_Epstein - - 129 comments

Phallic Mod


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Vercatvrix - - 4 comments

yeah i read phalic too then 10/10

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yanggongzi2000 - - 40 comments

Hi Author,

I've download and installed the English translation of Pihalic Mod 2.0, but please note that the character traits are still kept in their default language, as follows:

Please advise. Thank you so much.

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