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I am going to cover the development on PI and an issue that has arosen.

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Okay first off

PI 1.1 is adding ideologies primarily instead of countries as the game is getting bloated in all of them.

Currently the Monarchists have been completely written out along with their rebels and all nations from A-G are capable of using the ideology. the Radical Monarchists will begin development at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month.

And now, the reason why you care about this article, The Dutch glitch,

Recently, whenever you try to release a nation as the Netherlands, you simply can't, I have tried a lot of things and unfortunatly I have come to a conclusion, Victoria 2 is at it's limits and it simply can't release a nation from the Netherlands. If you want to play as Java or Friesland then you would need to make them revolt and concede to their demands by waiting a month in Victoria time or using the break command. Understand that in every other aspect, the Dutch are still playable

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