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Phoenix Interactive has a great team. Indeed, there is more than 30 members, from different parts of the world with their own culture and language...

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Today, I will introduce Phoenix Interactive for everyone. Okay, Phoenix Interactive has been active since 2005 but I think that we have to discuss it.

Phoenix Interactive has a great team. Indeed, there are more than 30 members, from different parts of the world with their own culture and language. For us, it was a real challenge to create the "unity" of our development group even if both members are all volunteers. Yes, Phoenix Interactive is an association of Law 1901, established in France.

The Association is protected by the internationnal laws about Copyrights and intellectual property. For example, the Phoenix Interactive logo including the name and our website, are protected by our own copyright. As an association, Phoenix Interactive is protected like all corporations or associations. We have our own Legal officer at Phoenix Interactive, named Corentin C. He was able to create all necessary files for our group to be protected. Also, he was the creator of our own privacy policy which is mandatory. Anyway, let's talk about the hierarchy. Phoenix Interactive includes of different groups.

Administration - Management team - Development team

The Administration
It's the head of Phoenix Interactive. The administration is formed of directors where every later have its own task. The Administration is lead by the Chiefs Executive. The three Chiefs Executive are the leaders of Phoenix Interactive and the global leader is the Chief Executive Officer, known as "President". This status is the basic one for every world association like Phoenix Interactive. We can't establish such an association in France without this hierarchy.

The Management Team
This group has been created by Thibault "Erayser" Testart, when he decided to add non-developers in the team. Yes, this group contains all members of Phoenix Interactive who are working on non-development tasks such as the Legal department, the community management and so on...

The Development Team
The heart of Phoenix Interactive. It's just that simple. All developers are working on both Phoenix Interactive's mods. There are different kind of developers: 2D Designers, 3D Designers, Translators, Audio Engineer, Composer and so on... For example, Kivao is the lead composer of Phoenix Interactive. The Development Team is lead by the lead developers such as Julian "EchoRed" Vinet or Lydéric "Lyderic" Decherf.

That's all for the hierarchy. If you want to see the whole Phoenix Interactive, you can visit our website. Anyway the 3 most important people of Phoenix Interactive are:

- Thibault "Erayser" Testart
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (or President)

- Yves-Marie "Atlantis" Taveau

Founder & Chief Executive Resources

- Mike "Triikor" Nelson
Chief Executive Development

About our mods
Each mod is directed by its own development leader. For Stargate Space Conflict, it's Julian "EchoRed" Vinet, 3D Designer. He's leading the mod since the beginning of the year. He's the person who decided to rework everything on Stargate Space Conflict. For Mass Effect Reborn, this is Mike "Triikor" Nelson who's leading. He's officially the mod founder even if at the beginning, Mass Effect Reborn wasn't related to Triikor ME's work before the fusion.

Game of shadows...
Phoenix Interactive had over the past some problems with its own team conflicts and so on... For example, we all remember someone in our team, known as Devy, who decided to do, like we say in France, "nawak". It means, he decided to use the content of other staff members of the team and claim as its own and do the same thing as well again and again. At the end, the whole administration decided to kick Devy out and report him for copyright violation in the dossiers of our team, visible for the french State only. These were the "dark times" of Phoenix Interactive when Thibault "Erayser" Testart decided to close the mods for a non-estimated time.

Thank you so much for your support,
We simply love you all !

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Nice. It's really interesting to know how it all works.

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