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New Character | 100+ New Items | HUGE Optimization Overhaul | Holiday Themed Props | New AI Vehicles | New Hazards | New Level Editor Tools

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v0.7.1: Pedro's Grande Update

What's New?

  • New Character: Pedro
  • HUGE Optimization Overhaul!
  • 100+ New Level Editor Items
  • Halloween & Christmas Props
  • New AI Vehicles
  • Orbit Cam, Pause Cam, and In-Game Screenshots
  • Shift-Click: Multi-Object Editing
  • Lighting/Time of Day System
  • New Materials + Physics, including Mud, Snow, and Ice!
  • 25 New Music Tracks
  • And yes, even more!

This update brings Guts and Glory a big step closer to being finished. Major performance improvements, a new character, and tons of new level creation content—just in time for making holiday levels too!

Pedro Sanchez

Last month, you guys voted on your favorite version of Pedro and here he is! Pedro Sanchez is one of the finest getaway drivers for the Mexican Cartel. His reckless attitude and manly mustache makes him the envy of men and the desire of women.

Pedro’s truck “El Toro” has a faster acceleration and higher suspension than the Yang’s car. It can also sustain more damage. However, it has a lower top speed and is much harder to drift (use the emergency brake at high speed).

The Voice of Pedro

In a future update, Pedro will be voiced by the legendary UberHaxorNova!
Coincidentally, he also did the voice for “Pogo Stick Guy” in Happy Wheels.


For now, however, Pedro is mute.

Orbit Cam

I was finally able to add this long-requested feature and make it work with the “smart cam.” It may need a little more polish, so as usual your feedback is welcome.


Controller: Use right stick. Hold between 0-50% to maintain view angle.

Mouse: click-and-drag any button

Keyboard: uses legacy controls

This finally allows for more vertical level designs to work, and makes it easier to see where those poor passengers end up.

Glory Cam

Now you can pause the game and view the destruction from any angle! Easily rotate around objects in a Matrix-like fashion, or fly around the scene and view anything you wish.


Keyboard & Mouse:

  • Click-and-Drag Mouse to rotate/steer
  • W, A, S, D, Q, E keys to move camera


  • Right-Stick: rotate/steer
  • D-Pad: pan camera
  • Triggers: move in/out
  • (Left-Stick is still used to navigate menus)

When you’re near objects, the camera will rotate around them. When you move the camera away, it can be steered as if you’re flying the camera around the scene.

In-Game Screenshots

Want to share a glorious moment or capture a great video thumbnail? Now it’s easier than ever!

Just click the Camera Icon on the pause screen and it will save a screenshot to your documents folder with all UI removed.


Tons of new stuff for all you Level Creators out there

Max Complexity Limit increased by 25%

Camera movement speed increased too.

Multi-Object Editing

Now you can edit lots of objects at the same time!

Shift-Click to select multiple items

Supports: select, move, rotate, delete, cloning, color, material, and option changes.

(Scaling not supported.)

This feature was tricky to implement, but totally worth it. It makes level building so much faster and enjoyable.


Special Items-->LightBox

Just drag-and-drop this item anywhere in your scene and select a preset to adjust the overall lighting and atmosphere.

25 different presets!

If you make any dark levels, it’s highly recommended that you add some lights too.

Point Lights & Spot Lights

Good lighting can make a mediocre scene look great! Just drag-and-drop them into your scene and select a color option. They’ll activate automatically if the level is dark enough.

Point Lights cast light in a radius around them. They’re perfect for general lighting needs.

Spot Lights project a circle of light in one direction. Rotate them to get the effect you need.

Also, the Level Editor cameras now render all lighting effects as well, so you can preview the final look in realtime (light glow, “god rays”, fog, etc.)

Tip: avoid lighting overlaps for best performance


I added a visible trigger radius to the MusicBox when in the Level Editor. Add MusicBoxes along the track to change the music/mood during a track.

Auto-Play: If only 1 MusicBox is in the level, it will now auto-play no matter where it’s placed (no triggering needed).

Added 20 new Music Tracks, including holiday themed songs.

Added 5 new Ambience Sound Tracks, like city sounds and desert winds.

New Materials + Physics

Added 44 new Terrain Textures, including Snow, Ice, and desert Sand sets. These affect wheel friction physics too.

Added 6 new Material options for Blocks, each with their own physics and wheel FX:
- Earth
- Mud
- Sandstone
- Snow
- Ice
- Neon Glow (shows during play mode)

100+ New Items!

These are just some of the new items you can find in the Level Editor.

Death Fog

Causes instant death if any part of the driver touches it.

Scales to easily cover large areas. For example, “Don’t touch the lava” type levels.

Acid Fog

Instantly eats away any portion of any character that touches it.

Useful when you want to create smaller, custom hazards.

Funny Fog

AKA “Bobble Head Maker”

Each time a character passes through this volume it makes their head grow larger. xD

You can see short previews on my Twitter.

Props (general)

A big assortment of new props under several sub-categories. Includes rubber tires, bowling pins, boxes, garbage, new fence types, wind turbines, new buildings, and more.

Holiday Props

A bunch of holiday-themed props, including Halloween and Christmas stuff.

Electronic Road Sign

An electronic road sign with a ton of different message options. (Thanks everyone who tweeted me ideas for this!)

Prop Vehicles

Several new prop vehicles to decorate the track / use for obstacles. Ranging from small to large.


New Material options for Rocks (desert, snow, etc.), assorted Grasses, and even Cactuses. (Yes, the cactus spikes can hurt you!)

Prop Characters

Cardboard cut-out type characters that you can use to quickly make background audiences and on-lookers… or whatever you want.



Easily add a cheering crowd to your levels for extra glory. Great for adding some background ambience to your custom tracks.

New AI Vehicles

The standard AI Cars have been upgraded! They now have an interior, transparent windows, lights, and even a driver!

I also added 2 new options: Police Cars and Border Patrol Cars (complete with sirens!)

Added 4 new AI Vehicle Types:

School Bus

Cuz why not?

Monster Trucks

Can also be equipped with Hazards, such as Lasers, Cannons, or Mad Max style spikes and saws!

Big Rig

Create your own “Clustertruck” inspired levels or just add some very dangerous traffic. Careful waypoint placement and speed settings are key for getting smooth driving out of these due to their large size and towed trailers.

Santa Claus

The version that’s been drinking too much egg nog….

screen 2560x1440 2017 09 06 16 4


Upgraded entire project to Unity Engine 5.6.3

MAJOR optimization overhaul!
- More content but smaller application size
- Faster load times and higher FPS
- Updated shaders and driver plug-ins
- Heavily optimized all texture files: smaller build, faster performance, and more compatible with older setups

  • FPS Counter now shows Memory stats too
  • New Outline shader in Level Editor
  • Engine audio no longer cuts out after driver dismount/death
  • HUD hidden and Menu minimized when game is paused
  • Fixed red handle of Level Editor Gizmo not rendering above some selections
  • Optimized all Destructible items even further
  • General audio performance optimizations
  • Optimized lighting in several Official Tracks
  • Increased Yang’s car top speed by 10%
  • Increased Landmine and FlipPad trigger heights to be compatible with Pedro’s truck
  • Added normal maps to primary characters
  • Optimized collision meshes for several buildings and other props.
  • AI Car complexity cost increased by 12% to account for interior, driver, lights and new options.
  • Improved level load times. (However, Level Editor initial load may take longer due to added content.)

Replaced old AA system with a fast FXAA system.

- old system caused rendering issues on older computers and many Macs
- new system more performant and compatible

Experimented with Community Track “level streaming” but it is far too buggy at this time. Will try again before final build, probably in the Beta branch.


NOTE: This is a major change to the build that affects nearly every part of the application. If you have any troubles with the upgrade, simply do a full un-install and re-install of the game on Steam. (All 3 of my test machines upgraded smoothly, but YMMV.)

Most “Bad Access / Null Reference” bugs should be fixed now (error 0x0000005).

Fixed Terrain Edit menus/tools not always showing immediately after creating new terrain in a new level.

Fixed AI Vehicle options sometimes not loading correctly in QuickPlay Mode.

Fixed bugs in Block material physics; changing Block materials now affects wheel friction and FX correctly. Scaling Blocks affects physics correctly as well.

Fixed shader errors that caused poor performance on tracks that contained custom road meshes (example: the first Yang track).

The “rainbow screen” / “texture glitch” rendering errors on Macs should be fixed, unless your computer is below minimum required specs.

Fixed Anti-Aliasing post-process compatibility issues; replaced with simple, fast FXAA system. (Mostly affected Macs, Linux, and older Windows machines.)

Where’s the Guts man??

As I worked on this update, I noticed that the work needed to be divided between Level Editor content and everything else. Since Level Editor stuff takes longer to debug and get feedback on, I decided to focus primarily on that aspect for this update.

I also wanted to make sure content was out ASAP for Holiday levels.

Next update will feature Guts, Blood Settings, Pedestrian AI, and other top-voted features from last Community Vote.


As Guts and Glory gets closer to completion, optimization and polish is becoming a higher priority. This update should give the game a massive performance overhaul and make level creation faster and more fun than ever.

I’d love to hear what you think about the game after this update!

As the game gets closer to completion, optimization and polish are becoming a higher priority. Guts and Glory now runs better than ever! Check it out :D


Good to see UberHaxorNova getting a cameo, going to be awesome.

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hakjakgames Author

For anyone who happens to drop by here in the next few days...

Help me develop the 8th and final Guts and Glory character here:

"Who will ride the HoverBoard?"

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