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A new patch has been released, that completes the production system, adds a new OSP and changes some minor things.

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Hello and welcome,
today i uploaded the first patch (Version 0.71) to the Mercantilism Mod here on ModDB.

With this patch the production part of the economic system got nearly finished. Now all products can be made, if they need one ressource, two or alternative ressources. For example, iron smelters now need iron and coal to work. Sugar refineries can use sugar beats and sugarcane to produce sugar. Also animals can now be breed and theyr products, like meat, eggs and wool, can be sold on the markets.

All citys and villages now start with a full storage of goods, so you will begin your journey in a living and evolving economy right from the first day. Population grow, the distribution of ressources, bandit raids, wars and finaly your actions all influence the system.

Tournaments got an upgrade with Windyplains Tournament Play Enhancements. You can now customize your and your opponents equipment, change the team sizes and many more. A perfect addition to the new arena scenes provided with the last version. Here a link to his description.


The city council also got some new features. You are now able to upgrade community buildings, like the city hall, the church or the city wall, which will make the people in the city more happy. The city wall influences the free building slots in the town, the market and harbor the number of traders that can be active in town. Also City Guard troops can now be recruited from the guard captains.

Here a short overview of all the changes made in this patch.

  • changes to town menu, now with infos about population and recalculatet relation
  • small changes to troops
  • rhodok lords have new titels
  • kill counter for companions and lords in combat summary screen
  • community buildings (city hall, city baracks, hospital...) can now be upgraded via dialog with the city council
  • city guards can now be recruited
  • Tournament Play Enhancements by Windyplains implemented
  • many changes to animals and animal products
  • iron smeltes now need iron ore and coal to produce iron
  • charcoal kilns now produce coal from wood
  • sugar beats can now be refined into sugar in a sugar refinerie
  • changes to the initial seed of goods and prices

The patch is not savegame compatible with older mod versions, so you have to start a new game.

To install it, simply overwrite the files in the mod folder.

Mercantilism Mod Version 0.72

Mercantilism Mod Version 0.72

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