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In the latest video from The Renegadist, we talk about development of Paranoia.

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Had a blast chatting with an incredible The Renegadist at his channel dedicated to the best and interesting old-timer mods and games. If you want to hear some true stories behind development of Paranoia - this video is what you need! ;)


Sadly I wasn't around during the live-stream. But that was some great developer commentary. I had a lot of fun watching, all the way throughout.

Although I didn't grow up in the times that these games/mods were popular in, I did have a blast seeing the game being played. It's always motivating to see that developers, even after all these years, care for the projects they worked on.-Hope to do the same one day.

Thanks for the great commentary!

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I didn't know The Renegadist channel, so I'm glad you've posted this here. It's nice to see your commentary after all these years.

Paranoia mod was always one of my favorite HL mods. Sure it wasn't perfect, but as free mod in 2007 it was really great and still is. The immersion, pace of game play, soundtrack... All of this created unforgettable atmosphere and experience. I like design of your maps, especially buildings at the beginning of game, because some of it reminds me my own country. Most of schools and hospitals looked similar in Eastern Europe, so seeing those textures in game is very nostalgic. Also for some time I was listening to SLOT thanks to this mod :D But to be honest I prefer dark ambient tracks by J.D. Many years ago I've downloaded OST Paranoia from moddb and I think I have also extracted some tracks from the game, but now thanks to bonus content from Renegadist I have even more tracks in my collection ;) Too bad most of them are only 128kbps, VÅ‚adimir should remaster those tracks, because he did really good job with soundtrack. It would be cool to get high quality compiled OST album with extra tracks.

Anyway thanks for this video BuZZeR!

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In the Paranoia modiverse, I guess the Terrorist mercs are the Paranoia equivalent to HECU Soldiers, while the Saboteurs are the equivalent to the Black Ops. There are interesting connections there.

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