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PARADIGM WORLDS OPEN SOURCE PROJECT - this is main article describing currently offered assets and downloads.

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is divided into following categories:



- this is where Python source code can be downloaded [early-mid][most recent versions].



banners, faces, artwork, skyboxes, useful graphic, jpg, png, psd (photoshop projects), bmp, .dds (nvidia texture files) [link to download]

PAradigm Worlds Audio library


any sound I ever created for Paradigm Worlds, original sources, files in all formats like *.wav, .ogg, mp3, etc. There are gunshots, lightsaber effects. Magic effects, creatures voices. There are some sounds that have not been actually used, but might be helpful in any horror/scifi/fantasy project

roman legionari


these are mods you can download also right from TW site. I publish them because these were the ones I used heavily to make Paradigm mod more diverse, so you can check which assets were used from 3rd parties

[link1] [link2]

paradigm worlds  minimods


Some basic tools I use from modding Paradigm. Really, mostly it is coding, but you can find here for instance map editor I used to create new map, some apps that help with editing inventory or npcs. I don't guarantee they will work for you, you might check for installation versions


Paradigm Worlds

What is going on with Paradigm Worlds mod? Why decide to go open source? Is it the end?

Absolutely not. The opposite, it is going to be a lot bigger. During my time of developement I had an honor to speak with You guys, and what I heard quite often was 'I would like to make some mods, but I don't know how to start'. So - I will try to share with you what I've learned and made for the last few years. And... encourage you to start doing something.

Introduction and details

First of all - this mod was always free and I personally encouraged people to use my own assets to their like. As you know, all you have to do is go to mod folder and open any texture or model and change it or use it in own project.

This is right time to remind this few times, when Paradigm Worlds has been improved by people from 'community'. So originally I was never interested in adding new music because I prefer to play warband only with sfx (after XX years of play any music in game may become a bit boring). One of you, Mr.Huspire proposed to take care of audio and thanks to Him, rise concept of music specially selected not just for mod, but better - for specific scenes and events in the game. Now I think I wouldn't lie if I said that music and sound is one of distinctive traits of Paradigm Worlds. That is just single example where project like that can hugely benefit from cooperation. Recently I was surprised by a very nice gift, mutants got new faces, and player can modify creatures shapes better. This was possible thanks to GRIMP, someone from our forum, who just offered this modifications for us. I didn't know how to make it, so thanks again, man!

Paradigm Worlds is a non-profit project

Now, do remember that this project is totally non-profit. 95% of all assets made by 3rd parties, can be used under condition that project is free. Keep that in mind. My personal creation - You may use as you wish, also for commercial projects. Then again, easier said that done - because it is impossible to draw straight, clear line between my personal and 3rd party assets part. As long you want use my project as a hobby, I don't think this would be an issue, however.


Modding: 70% of my time with Paradigm Worlds looks like that. 20% creating graphics, sounds, 10% 'playtesting'.

To create mod, is one thing, and whoever tried it, knows that it is as much enjoyable as time and effort consuming activity. But using 3rd party mod, to learn, or refurbish it, or reverse engineer, that is a real challenge! Personally, that is my favorite way of learning, as I rarely have patience for reading or watching tutorials, but it all depends on how good mod is commented. And if you take into account that PW is a total overhaul, made from dozens of sub-mods from other creators, that is based on modmerger framework for Warband and the fact that when I started this I knew almost nothing about editing games... Well, you can expect some issues with mod clarity. So this might be a mess, however I will try to explain and categorize all assets.

Need help?

If you are especially interested in some part, details just leave a comment, and I will try to help you. Remember that modding is a challenge, and most answers cost sweat and blood. And when finding an answer costs you 'just' a few hours of extensive research I'd call it a success. Sometimes it took me month or even years to execute idea.

Just to clarify: I am not encouraging anyone to start modding Warband in 2021. This mega-archive might be interesting to:

  • curious person, or if you want original versions of Artwork I have used to create world of paradigms. So, I am releasing all pictures, jpg, png, psd (photoshop projects), bmp - as well.
  • a fellow modder - welcome, you can use whatever you want
  • if you want to see complexity of modding or dev in general?
  • you are a fan of Paradigm Worlds and you want check data in item files, or just have a peak behind a curtain
  • you may be a beginner, but if you follow few simple tuts you can compile PW for yourself from raw files, and play around some improvements or just experiment and see how it is like
  • if you want to improve Paradigm Worlds Warband mod 1.99.X, than I am always happy to add your work to main project and credit your work with respect
  • if by any chance you know about coding more than me (that's the easy part) and you are an angel (that is still the easy part) and you like challenges (same...) than you may try to find out what is causing stutters on world map. I tried to fight it for over 2 years. I couldn't find any true, solid pattern. I tried finding answer on TW forum many times, and a lot smarter people than me suggested that it is caused by amount of parties on map. There is a way to prove that is not true issue. If you check cheats, and then activate cheats from mods menu, you will gain access to command that erases 90% of parties on map. And still I had reports from players, that stutter makes mod unplayable at some point. I play-tested that many times, and reduced issue at some point, but never really find explanation what is source of problem. So, that is the hard part. *Note: I still work on this problem. Other modders suggested to get rid most party iteration in the code, so I reduced in to minimum in triggers module, and that absolutely was an improvement. But that did not fix issue in 100%. My idea is to rework system in how parties are spawned. But still there is no guarantee that it will 'repair' PW. And I would compare it to surgical operation where each activity might worsen state of patient. Any help appreciated here!
  • indie developer looking for inspiration or some free assets!

I give you full access to my Warband Paradigm Worlds Graphic library, and to music, sounds, and so on. Do note that you will require some additional tools to have a full fun of everything I had prepared for you.

The code. Yes. So I am releasing the current version code, and all archives. This means I give you access to code of Paradigm Worlds. Beginning from version 0.01 to current which is some iteration of Do note that you need additional tools to 'read' the code, and compile it.

As you might understand, it is not the problem to post code, but to explain it You what can you do with it. With what tools? So I believe that sharing pure assets might do more bad than good, confusing user, and thus making all effort pointless. I have decided to insert details in downloads page so you can click part of Paradigm Worlds project you are after.


Hi, i've been playing your mod for a long time, and i must say i,m really happy to see that you and the team have turn this mod into a open source for everyone, i really have a lot of hopes to see what this small community comes out with, not with just the game but outside of that of this medium; i would really like to see this mod transcend its medium.

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That is both wholesome, awesome, and fantastic

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karolgrodecki Author

Hi! This is just a beginning. All articles will have updates, then I will connect them into one big Paradigm Worlds RPG System - Open Source.
It is always nice to meet people who played Paradigm Worlds. I am sure you can find something for yourself to think of too.
One of my plans is to encourage you - community - no matter if you are a modder or player or just curious - to create an open rpg system. I mean statistic.
My challenge: create realistic system, describing phycial and PSYCHOLOGICAL profile. Detailed enough to describe Einstein as main hero or npc.
BUT: Simple enough to be played as tabletop.
I will write soon article about that and few my suggestions, but I don't have any ready answer.

So you can think about it, and throw your own ideas when time will come.

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thank you for all the effort you and everyone who has helped you made this mod have put out, im glad i got to experience such great mod by myself and i really hope many more in the future can do it aswell

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