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tons of new content, mechs, creatures and a new map.

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Devblog 18

Demo and upcoming closed alpha

Time is running so fast! It´s been a while since we published the last devblog. Sorry for the silence! We have been busy with so many things.


enemy drop mech on the new map

The demo phase of Pantropy is over. Long live the alpha!

We have updated to Unity 5.5 and added all the content that piled up over the last few months. We had about 30% of if in the demo. Julian worked his butt off to bring all in for the upcoming closed alpha of Pantropy.

We now have 5 mechs, 13 creatures, 15 weapons and a much larger map.

The demo map was 3.6x3.6 km in size. The alpha map is 8x8 km and features different biomes.

Here´s a breakdown what we´ve been working on over the last weeks:

Concept art

Tyson finished some of the enemy faction concepts. The enemy faction will play an important role in the pantropy gameplay.

Walker 1

The enemy faction walker is an agressive patrol bot.


The enemy faction guard bot can be found near outposts.

We´re also going to replace the sentry turret models with three different types of turrets. We need some serious anti-air defense since the player ship is ingame now.

ROCKETsentry turret

Proper anti-air defense.

PLASMAsentry turret

Energy weapons deal more damage against shields than projectile weapons.

lmgsentry turret

Projectile weapons deal more damage against armor than energy weapons

Tyson also did some barricade sketches. We want to make the raider´s life a bit harder.


A classic.

plasma assualt rifle reload

More energy weapons for Pantropy!

Lukasz has finished the spider model. This will replace the turbosquid spider model we´ve been using for a while.

spider red 5 final

These spiders can jump and have a strong venom.

Ships & mechs

Anjar was working on the player ship and scout mech gear. We plan more modular equipment for the existing mechs in the future.

pantropy mechdrop01

You can pickup and transport mechs with the drop ship.

pantropy dropship02

The "humming bird" is a VTOL aircraft.


It has three guns which can be manned by multiple players.

Tier3 LODs 1

Anjar has started working on the player armor lods

Scout mech weapon Texture previe

More equipment for the T1 scout mech. A plasma cannon and a mining laser.

Dmitry and his team is busy with the enemy faction models. He finished the enemy faction drone. Julian already implemented the´s really nasty.

pantropy enemy Drone

The enemy faction drone is a really nasty enemy.

Unity 2017 03 19 20 47 59 63

It has a high-velocity plasma cannon.


We have also finished the fancy chimney rocks for the desert biome. Two more ore types will make it into the alpha.

pantropy desert

A forest made of stone

screen 1 1

Zbrush shot of the new ore.

pantropy newores

Ingame shot of the new ore for Pantropy.

Osman has started working on the T3 armored building parts. These will be expensive but also very durable.


These building parts have a lot of HP!


Julian did a hell of a job, working day and night to get all the content ingame. We have also implemented additional anti-cheat mechanisms.

vlcsnap 9079 04 26 07h33m33s462

The enemy faction drop mech is working!

pantropy ries01

The Giant by Alex Ries - don´t get too close!

pantropy advanced drone

There are 3 types of drones in Pantropy. Use them for scouting, mining or battle!

Progress on the new map

I´ve been busy with the new alpha map. It will take time and we will make regular updates of the map during the closed alpha.


Early shot of the new map. We started from scratch again.


The map is getting more beautiful from day to day.


Some ruins (placeholders) make the enviroment more interesting.


Julian has coded a new grass system for better performance and higher density.

pantropy artillerymech

The artillery mech is now ingame too!

We´re currently working on our first trailer and plan to submit Pantropy for steam greenlight in April. We´re not going to release the game on steam anytime soon. But we will launch a closed alpha and sell a limited amount of keys.

Thanks for reading!

Your Pantropy team


Looks gr8, can't w8

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Thanks Jeremy!

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