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Learn more about Palawan and take a tour on this beautiful island map!

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Welcome to Palawan

This past week, we have been showing off lots of screenshots and gameplay of our island map: Palawan! Today we would like to help you get more familiar with the tropical island and give you a short tour.


Palawan was once a secret getaway for some of the richest criminals in the world. Packed with hidden coves, underground rivers, and rushing waterfalls; Palawan is a beautiful destination spot where smugglers can work silently, bury their problems or toss them overboard. Book your flight to Palawan today!

Palawan is a lush map, filled with beautiful scenery and lots to discover. From waterfalls in ocean-side caverns to crashed planes and cabins by the shore, Palawan is one of the bigger maps players will fight over in The Misfits.



Top Left: Waterfall Cavern, Top Right: Crashed Plane, Bottom Left: Plane Reckage, Bottom Right: Peaceful Cove

In The Misfits, all maps are designed with each weapon class in mind. Despite being one of the largest maps, Palawan is no different. For those who prefer to play up close with their shotguns or SMGs, there's plenty of positions in Palawan to help keep you covered. Skilled Marksmen will also find multiple high points across the map, racking up those sniper kills.


Left: Radio Tower Stairs, Right: Radio Station

We hope you enjoyed this short tour of Palawan! We will begin featuring another map starting tomorrow, so be sure to check out and follow our other pages for more The Misfits news, screenshots and videos:





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