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If i fail in modelling, i may want to recruit someone, but i can't take that responsibility, so i would better start making models myself.

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I have made a lot of content since the release of alpha3, and let's cover up on everything:

X means not finished
P means planning to do so
*% means how far have i completed something

NOTE: Not all of this will be included in alpha6, some features may later appear in beta1, or they will be updated in beta1, eg. i have a car, which is red, and in the beta it will have black lines, and in the final game it will have a V8 engine with a turbocharger and it will have better tires.

F.D.I.T.N.U. levels which replace the training room: 10%, only the first level is partially complete and it's very dark, so i will add some street lights.

c1e2p2 third campaign level: 40% + P, still thinking of what to make

coop_mission1: 89%, i made the first floor and the second floor and the top, i only need to make the chopper chase. Epic explosion though, on the top, it's got barrels.

textest1 and admer456house.wad: 100% and ready to go into the shipping crates

Voice acting, my voice, Barnes' voice, IRSWAF soldiers radio chatter, and Joe's voice: 23%, i can't voice act in front of my parents, what are you expecting me to do?

Coding the Pit Drone, or "The Spit-Spike" as i call it: 90%, trying to fix "Case not constant" error at PDRONE_RELOAD.

Sprites: 100%, i made a fixed sprite so it can turn in a specific direction, and i modified the crosshairs.

Modelling: Just installed Autodesk 3ds Max 9 or 7 last week! Trying to make a box!

AVI's: 80%, i made the "This demo does not represent" blah blah blah thingy

Splash screen: 60%, made a replacement one until i think of an appropriate one.

gamestartup.ogg: 10% + P, i need a new one, i need a new one! And i keep failing to make a better one!

3D effect for the forest: naah, 3 layers still visually appear as 2, i may need to switch to blue alpha things.

On the other hand, i also have an occasionally active profile on gamebanana and i have to make this, and then i have to make a tutorial, and then i have to submit a map, and then i have to work on this mod etc. so i don't get much time for this.

Also, school has started 3 weeks ago in my country, so i started learning so i will definitely focus less on my mod, and the expected release date is the 15th day of the next month, or the month after that.

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