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Outsider is a science fiction, psychological horror currently under development by Corgi Flop Studios. You play as Brandon North, a talented aerospace engineer who's escaped from the evil Ermacham Corporations after being imprinted a blueprint of the Primordial Key -- a prime component to a device known as Project Infinity. You're kidnapped but aided on your journey by space marine, Jeffrey Corbine. Your choices will depend on only yourself, as you pick the fate between humanity or your past.

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The year is 2714. Earth is a forgotten wasteland, but humanity has wandered galaxies with the help of Project Infinity. However, Ermacham Corporation is at war with the Vox Alliance and the remnants of the Earth Protection Agency. As Brandon North, you've destroyed Project Infinity and the Primitive Key, which makes you a direct threat to Ermacham's next plan. You're kidnapped and forced on a mission that will save humanity and every other peaceful civilization. You're assisted by ruthless soldier, M/SGT. Corbine and you're haunted by the visions of your past that are the only way you can remember who you truly are.


In the 2060s, a wealthy industrialist and aerospace engineer named Paul Ermacham had founded a company named after him. He was a fanatic of the Shockspace theory -- the belief that beyond the red shift of the universe was a rift that lead to other universe or parallel timelines that overlapped into a cycle. By then, Ermacham Corps exploited governments around the world to invest in space travelling, causing great economic and resourceful tragedies across Earth. As an aftermath, resources were taken from other worlds which resulted in a failure, leaving humanity to inhabit other planets in need.
Centuries passed, other civilizations were found and the galaxy was somehow at peace. A device known as Project Infinity was built to warp objects or people through shockspace to other universes. Materials and documents were brought back to the humans for study, until one specific artifact was found in the depths of shockspace. This was known as the Primitive Key, its origins were found unknown and studies were proven useless. That was until one day, a rocket scientist named Brandon North had destroyed the artifact -- which fired back at him with an imprinted on its origins. North was then contained by Ermacham Corps for study, but escaped only to become a wanted fugitive.


You're welcome to explore the vast worlds modelled by Hydro-Boy and unravel lore hidden with the game as you progress within the story. There will be enemies waiting to swarm you from every corner. Keep in Mind: As Brandon North, you're inexperienced to fight which will bring you to use your brain and even your own tools.

However, you're not alone in your battles. With the aid of M/SGT. Corbine, co-op is an option as teamwork is the greatest of all.


- Vast exploration - Terrains are generated from Raiseland, modified in Blender and imported into the Unity 5 Engine. Enjoy scavenging for secrets and stories hidden in the depths of the forgotten worlds such as Earth, Uries XL-2, Aetherfall, the Project Infinity Nexus, the S.E. Aurora, and the E.C.U. Perseus.

- Vehicles, Mechs & Hovercraft - Experience exploration with vehicles modelled by Hydro-Boy.

- Vehicle and Base Crafting System - As Brandon North, you can craft your own spaceship and hovercraft. Build bases around where-ever you please with turrets. This world plays by your rules.

- Weapons Crafting System - Craft and modify a complete arsenal from simple pea-shooters.

- Lore-Hunting - Explore through, discover items and read about them to uncover more story.

- Telekinesis and a Fist Full of Lightning - With your Gravity Module imprinted into your hand, you can have plenty of fun catching and throwing objects through telekinesis. You're also capable of conducting electricity from your hands.


* Brandon E. North - "The Outsider" - A 23 year old talented aerospace engineer and former scientist of Ermacham Corps. Grew up as an introverted child through his youth while growing up in the Cydonia region of Mars, but was an arrogant and risky kid in college who had a drug addiction with space drugs like morcus gum, some thought of him as a daredevil. The worst of his foolishness came when he thought it would be a good idea to work for a notorious corporation known for being responsible for several massacres across the galaxy and Earth being a barren wasteland. After escaping from months of psychological torment of his brain harvested, North became a wanted fugitive across the galaxy and a myth known as the Outsider. Remembering only bits of his past along with his girlfriend, North is determined to find her throughout the game before the blueprint burns his memories and erases his past completely from him. Brandon North is a young eccentric man with wild short-hair and glasses, having a funny personality and suffers a gradual case of brain damage. It is dumbfounding of how North is talented at building warships at an even faster pace above most engineer's standards, considering he had scored very low on the IQ and engineering exams back in college.

* Jeffrey O. Corbine - "The Point Man" - A 41 year old former space marine of the Earth Protection Agency's 451st battalion. After watching his own family murdered in front of him, Corbine promised to kill every Ermacham official that ever existed. Corbine had a wife named Zoey and two sons, Damion and Larry who were massacred at a shootout, causing his burning hatred toward the corporation. Jeffrey struggled in school as a juvenile delinquent and has nearly murdered twenty students at a young age, training himself to be one of the "greatest soldiers to ever live." He is heavily trained in martial arts and has a degree in biology from tuition assistance, supporting his research in hostile creatures from other planets. After the devastating end of the EPA, Corbine became a wanted mercenary and galactic bounty hunter only to later reunite with the 451st battalion as they plot to stop Project Infinity from being rebuilt. Despite having numerous differences with Brandon North, Corbine seems to enjoy working with him and makes a great partner as they fight against the Ermacham Forces, the Zygon Empire, and the Senex Lords.

* Abbey J. Helligan - The girlfriend of Brandon North and a scientist from EPA Board of Order. Abbey's past revolves from her dysfunctional family. Studying astrophysics at the University of Neptune where she had met Brandon E. North, the two fell in a deep relationship but seperated as Brandon began to work for the evil corporation, Ermacham. After Brandon was deemed a prime component to rebuilding Project Infinity, Abbey had brought Brandon back to the hands of the EPA where he was seen to be a hope of saving the universe from Project Infinity. Abbey tries to help the crazed amnesiac remember figments of his past and know who he truly is.


Brandon Abramo - Creator, Designer, 3D Artist & Modeller, Writer, Story Developer
Thai Cichon - Assistant Story Developer, Writer

Ben Mohorc - Software Engineer, Coding, Voice Actor

Matthew Sexton - Story Developer, Voice Actor
Jimmie Williams - Voice Actor
DJ Williams - Voice Actor

Daniel Walters - Graphic Designer, Voice Actor

Carly Karas - Voice Actor, Story Developer, Writer
Julien Cearley - Coding
Miguel Alvear - Composer, Musician, Music Writer, Song Writer
Jeff Gholson - 3D Modeller & Artist, Animator, Designer
Justin Gholson - Texture Painter, Designer




Ben Mohorc - Brandon E. North
Matthew Sexton - Jeff Corbine, Senex Lords, Zygomites, Emperor Zygon
Ryan Oliver - Ryan Grover
Jimmie Williams - Jimmie the Guide
DJ Williams - Female Civilian
Daniel Walters - Commander Bias
Carly Karas - Abbey Helligan, Zoey Corbine, Female Civilian
Jeffrey Edwards - Male Civilian
Brandon Furbee - Male Civilian

System Requirements

2.8 GhZ Processor or Better (AMD A10 7870K)

516MB of Video RAM or Better (AMD Radeon R7)



Sound Engineers
3D Modellers
Story Developers
Voice Actors

Blender Game Engine - Designing, Development, 3D Modelling
Unity SDK - Programming, Coding
Raiseland - Terrain Generation
Z-Brush - Texture, UV/Alpha Mapping
Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Sound engineering, Sound & Voice Formatting, Editing

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